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Quarterback, Sneak

The tribe sits around and eats some corn a little later. "Gary," Brian suddenly pipes up, "were you a former NFL quarterback?" Gary's poker face, let's just say, is not suitable for poker. "Me?" he asks, all innocent. ["No, Gary Indiana, right behind you, genius." -- Wing Chun] Gary: "No." Brian explains to the group that when he and Danni were in the mud, she told him that Gary was from the NFL and that she knew because she was a sportscaster. Gary interviews that Danni busted him, and he grumps that he doesn't know what she was doing giving him that information. I don't either, really, except that when you know something other people don't know, sometimes it's fun to make trouble. "Trying to disturb our tribe, I'll bet!" Gary says. How dare she. I bet when he was a quarterback, he never tried to disturb the other team. Gary goes on to tell us that he's going to deny it, because he thinks that the minute they find out, he'll go. Unlike when they find out that he's been lying to their faces for a long period of time, at which point they will embrace him like a brother, apparently.

Rafe, Gary, and Amy take a walk, and Gary says to the other two that he thinks they need to choose between voting off Morgan or Lydia. The group agrees, basically, that Morgan is better in challenges with things like balance, while Lydia does much, much more work around camp. They meet up with Steph, and Steph immediately says she wants to get rid of Morgan. Amy, however, thinks that Morgan is going to be a lot better in something like an obstacle course. After Steph agrees that they could, after all, pick up the work around camp that Lydia is doing, the tide turns against Lydia, and this little group seems to agree that that's the way to go. Amy repeats several times that she loves Lydia, but that she thinks this is just how it has to be. Gary tells us in an interview that you can't "get emotional" in the game, so he's sure that, from now until tribal council, people will be thinking.

Brian contemplates his existence, or looks bored. One or the other. Gary is telling him about the plan to boot Lydia. Brian takes up for Lydia, claiming that she's "more valuable" and "never stops working." "How can we vote her out," he wonders, "when Morgan does nothing?" Gary comes back with the bit about the challenges, and Brian points out that Lydia hasn't lost them any challenges so far. Brian interviews that Lydia walked the eleven miles and has held up just fine in challenges, so he thinks this is just about the team being down on her because she's older and they assume she's weaker. "The woman can do the work," he says. Brian then explains to us that he went and told Lydia that she needed to make a case for herself to stay. And I'm not sure I'd have gone that far. He leans over and whispers this very thing to Lydia as she's working. Lydia tells us that she knows things are bad for her, and that she's "on the chopping block."

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