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Lydia has a conversation with Gary in which she says she doesn't think it's right for her to be the one sent home. She says that she works all the time and gives her all to every challenge. She presses Gary to tell her that he won't vote for her, even as she promises that "whatever you guys want to do," she'll go along with. But she closes on "I'm not ready to go, Gary."

Elsewhere, Rafe says that what they want is a unified vote. They don't want weird voting that nobody expects. See, this is what I think is so funny. They think of alliances now -- bloc voting -- as the respectful, go-team thing to do, which wasn't always the case, to say the least. Rafe says that this is how they're going to avoid being "fractured at camp." It's completely weird, the way they're considering who should go as if it's meant to be based on performance. It's like we've walked in on an episode of Survivor Meritocracy.

Night. Moon. Tribal council. Angry ghosts. The tribe files in and sits down. Because this is their first tribal council, they have to get the "fire is life" drivel. Jeff asks them for an update on Yaxha life, and he starts with Steph and her team's reaction when she first appeared. Steph says that the team was "really welcoming." Besides Jamie, I presume. She says that she just really wants the tribe to be successful and win immunity in future weeks. Asked about what the problems are with having Steph in the group, Jamie says that she knows the game and is a threat. Oh, and she's "tough." He adds, "She's not like a girl; she's more like a boy." Seriously, girls are so lame. Never let them in your treehouse; they'll just put up curtains. Asked which of the women don't play like men (bleh), Jamie says, "None of them play as well as Stephenie does, in my opinion." My diagnosis is that Jamie either resents Stephenie or has a huge thing for her. Or possibly both. It often looks the same. They should put a couple of pigtails on her and see if Jamie will pull them.

Jeff asks Lydia about the fact that, by appearances, she seems to be the weakest on the tribe. She says that this has certainly occurred to her, but she says she thinks she's shown her tribe that she won't give up. Jeff asks Morgan about how unified the group is, and Morgan says that she thinks the team is very unified and has been honest: "We all kind of know what's going on." Well, not all of them. Rafe is asked what his vote is based on, and he says he's voting to keep the tribe together. In other words: "Baaa." He pulls out the line again about how they're like a family, whatever, they like to sing on long car trips and fight at Thanksgiving, blah blah. "Come on, get hap-pyyyyyy!"

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