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Quarterback, Sneak

Amy is the first to vote. Gary votes. Brian votes for Morgan, whispering, "I hope to high heaven this works. I scrambled at the last minute." I smell delusions of grandeur on that one, I have to say. And not to dis the Ivy League, but I wouldn't exactly be shocked. Brianna votes. Rafe votes. Jamie votes. Morgan votes for Lydia, talking about how hard the decision is. Steph votes. Lydia votes. Jeff goes off to tally. My favorite part!

When Jeff returns, he gives his usual patter, and then pulls the first vote for Morgan. Second vote Lydia. Third vote Morgan. And Morgan, and Morgan, and Morgan, and that will do it. She looks gobsmacked, and Rafe looks pained. Because pained is sort of what Rafe does, I'm sensing. Morgan's torch is snuffed, and she wanders off. Brian pats Gary on the knee, thinking, "If he throws a fit and knocks my teeth out, I'll know he was in the NFL!" Jeff makes a comment about how the tribe is unified, but he kind of gives them shit about how Morgan never saw it coming. Come on, Jeff. I'm not sure "unified" includes the bootee, who is rarely in on the plan.

In her exit interview, Morgan says that she had no idea she was going, and that she isn't sure why she was voted off. She does say that it was a great experience. I wonder if she was surprised to find out that it was because she was a lazy-ass around camp. I bet she wanted to make herself disappear. Good thing she knows how! (I'm just really disappointed that I only got two recaps' worth of magician-assistant jokes. That sucks. I don't know any jokes about fishmongers.)

Next week: Brandon feels alive. Amy's feet hurt. That is all.

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