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When Yaxha returns to camp later, they're still covered with mud. Rafe tells us as he washes off that the challenge was very difficult. They worked hard, but they weren't able to "pull [Nakum's] big man." I wouldn't mind pulling Nakum's big man myself. (I didn't say that.) (I mean, I did, but I sort of had to. Don't email me!) Everyone is in a bad mood as they have a sort of a gang bath, but Steph reminds them that it's only going to be tied now, with both tribes down one member, so it's not like they're in all that much hurt. Steph is concentrating on her own fanny, however, as she informs us that she's "completely nervous," because the game is "one big bag of nerves." She adds, "It's the worst thing ever." Presumably she is referring to the fact that this is worst thing ever, other than all the things she decide not to do so that she could do this again.

Indeed, the Yaxha boys are off in the woods talking about getting rid of Stephenie. Jamie, in particular, thinks she knows the game and knows how to play, so clearly, they need to get rid of her immediately. Rafe and Gary look dubious, which may just be because it's Jamie talking, and Jamie is not confidence-inspiring. Gary interviews that, from his perspective, the tribe needs to stay strong so that it can win some damn challenges. And...seriously. The way that almost every season ultimately comes down to a Pagonging of sorts would, one would think, now counsel caution about getting rid of all the people from your own team who can count and walk upright in anticipation of undue strength in situations that are, like, twenty days away at this point.

Back around the fire, Amy is filling Steph in on the fact that the guys are talking about getting rid of her. And Steph is, unsurprisingly, entirely shocked by this, because she now has this weird worldview in which she is special, which is seriously interfering with the way in which she was, at one time, special. She interviews rather haughtily that Jamie is speaking out of inexperience, because this early in the game, it's stupid to get rid of strong people, and Steph is clearly the strongest woman on their team. Let's see, Morgan, Brianna, Amy, Lydia...yep, I'd say so. It's one of those things where Steph is basically right, but she still kind of needs to be kicked in the shins. She wore her underdog-dom much better than she's wearing...whatever this is. "Why would they vote me off?" she wonders to someone. "That's retarded." She is just making friends all over the place today. "I refuse to go early this time. I refuse," she tells the camera, crossing her arms defiantly.

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