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It's now Day 33 at Soliantu, and a close-up shot reveals that Paschal has been decapitated, and that his head is now resting on a rock. Oh, wait, that's an old Marquesan skull. Robert washes himself and tells us again of his vulnerability. He says of his past alliance, "If it comes back to bite me, it comes back to bite me," and that at this point, he won't "change his fate" by begging or pleading with the others. He then reuses the line he used a few Tribal Councils back -- and why not? It's a good one: he came to the Marquesas with four things: pride, dignity, integrity, and a knapsack, and the only one of those four leaving in tatters is the knapsack. And now, he's got a fifth thing to take home with him: malaria. Well, "malaria" is not the word he uses; he goes with the more colloquial "friendships." Kathy and Robert hug, agreeing that they love each other. Then, in a confessional, Kathy tells us that Robert voted against them while his alliance was strong, so now it's his "turn to get chopped." Still, she says, the bond between Paschal and Neleh needs to be severed. This statement is accompanied, not by jazz hands, but by -- and this is as best as I can describe them -- severing motions. She tells us that Paschal and Neleh will understand her motives in voting one of them out.

As the tribe heads off on the difficult path to Tribal Council (the difficult path, that is, they're forced to walk between the Council area and where the limousine dropped them off), Neleh is wide-eyed and amazed as she explains that there's even a possibility that she -- the sweet, the pure, the wonderful, the blessed -- will be voted out next if the others decide to join together against her and Paschal. She says that the game, at this point, could still twist in a lot of different ways, and you never know what could happen.

Peachy, Tribal Trill, jury. Tammy and John look good; Zoe, not so much, unless she's going for the "fell into a giant vat of cosmetics" look. Peachy explains that the jury will be "eavesdropping" and gathering information to determine which of the S6 will be the ultimate winner. He wants to start out by talking about "gamesmanship"; he singles out Kathy, asking how long it took her to discover that the S6 are all playing the game, but in different ways. He asks whether this realization has altered Kathy's perception of the others. Kathy answers that she came into the game confident that she would be able to "summarize everybody's motives" much sooner than she actually did. She says that 80% of the people were wearing masks she couldn't read, and she doesn't think the masks are totally off yet. She doesn't point out that Zoe is still wearing hers. Vecepia agrees that they all have yet to play their cards; this comment is accompanied with a shot of innocent, backwards Neleh, who is concerned because no one gave her any cards, which would have been fun, because she likes Go Fish. Vecepia believes that some people started the game late, and are now enjoying the ride while they wait to reveal their trump cards. She says that all she can do is expect the unexpected and "go for what you know." Peachy asks Robert to share his first impression of Vecepia . Robert says he thought she was a "very nice lady." He says they didn't talk much, but that she seemed nice, quiet, and easygoing. Today, he'd describe her as a strong player, but "definitely deceptive." He doesn't, however, call her the Deceptive Veceptive or anything like that. Sean tells Peachy that he definitely underestimated Neleh. He says she's playing the game more than any of the remaining S6, and he means that as a compliment, even though he doesn't know how she'll take it. Neleh smiles, because half-wits like to hear their own names, and also because Vecepia is braiding her hair, and braids are COOL! Sean says that Neleh is not the girl next door even though she seems really sweet. Paschal then does a poor job of defending Neleh by saying, "She's twenty-one years old, and I promise you she's got as much intelligence and cunning as anybody sitting up here or sitting on the jury," which is really not saying very much. He adds, "You don't deceive this young girl, and if you do, you only do it one time," which sounds an awful lot like a threat to me. And really, it well may be: Neleh could do a number on her competitors with her scriptures and half-chewed mint candies. The superior jury looks amused to have their intellect questioned. Finally, it's Neleh's turn to "assess" herself. She says she fell through the cracks and was underestimated, because she wasn't outspoken and thus was unthreatening to the other players. But then she realized that she wouldn't make it past sixth place if she didn't speak up, so she did. She wants to make it to the end, because winners never quit and quitters never win! Vecepia says she isn't handing over the necklace because it's her first win and it feels so good. She says, "This baby is gonna stay with me tonight," and she'll see what happens in three days.

Now it's time for the voting. A stern-looking Robert is particularly jaw-thrusty. Neleh looks happy with her vote, most likely because she thinks she spelled someone's name right! Sean laughs, but we don't see what he's laughing about. In fact, we don't see a single vote.

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