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Peachy heads off to tally, and we get the standard shots of the pensive S6. The first vote is for "General." The second is for Sean. The third vote is for "Rob," which Peachy clarifies as being the same as "the General," in case it's too much for Neleh to take in. The fourth and fifth votes are for Robert, and that's that. He doesn't appear to hug anyone on his way to the torch-snuffing, and sticks his jaw out defiantly (how else, really?) as he's cast out of the game. I could have just added "and sticks his jaw out defiantly" after every time I wrote Robert's name. Kathy purses her lips as Peachy points out that it's been an emotional few days. He tells them to keep their heads in it, because they've made it to the final five and it's anyone's game. Anyone's, that is, except Robert's.

Next week on Survivor, no one falls out of a tree, and someone gets voted out! Then, it's Final Four time, baby!

As the credits roll, we confirm that Robert voted for Sean, which seems like an odd move, considering every conversation we saw involved rants and plotting against Neleh. That aside, Robert's parting remarks do no justice to his most famous utterance. He goes on about having loved the experience, and tells us he'll be ready to do it again in six months. It seems rather like he actually thinks he will do it again in six months, and maybe he will. In Queens. Also, he has power on the jury. Got that? Power! So in order to do Robert and his experience on Survivor full justice, I will leave you with these, more remarkable words: he's the General, and that's that.

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