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Now Sean opens wide and Kathy peers inside his mouth. Because best friends aren't close enough to look into each others' mouths, but the S6 are. Get it? We see Sean rush to chew something and swallow before sticking out his tongue. Why not wait until after he's had a drink of water, so Kathy doesn't have to look past tiny little masticated food particles? Paschal explains that his, Vecepia's and Sean's mouths have started "frying," as we see Sean sticky his pinky in the corner of his mouth in his best Dr. Evil imitation. Actually, it appears that he's just trying to help Kathy out by prying his mouth open even further. Paschal says that the burning started after they ate, so he's going to be more careful from now on. Or maybe Sean, Vecepia, and Paschal eventually did partake of Neleh's mint, and caught something nasty from her. Kathy wants Sean to lift up his tongue, because she's worried about blisters. A lovely close-up of Sean's tongue and the inside of his mouth reveal that he is, indeed, blister-free. And a collective sigh of relief issues forth across the nation. Paschal thinks it's weird that he misses his family so much now, but when he goes home, he'll miss his new Marquesan family. For once, this sort of confessional comes forth as earnest and bittersweet, as opposed to hokey and contrived.

Robert hacks at something, and how many sentences of my recaps this season have started that way? Someone's always hacking at something, it seems. He tells us that he has to keep his mind on the game because he's there to win. He can't focus on his family and become depressed as the others have. He then names all the various family members he could be missing but refuses to dwell on missing, although just by mentioning them so obsessively, he might appear to be dwelling. He says he's there to win the game, and that's it. He doesn't say, "I'm the General and that's that," but you know he's probably thinking it.

Paschal and a giggly Kathy check the mail, which contains a little carved turtle in a pouch. (Not an actual, organic turtle that had been carved up, but a carved turtle figurine. Because a carved-up turtle would be gross.) Kathy is confused by the turtle, then reads the clue:

Each step you take can decide your fate
Which way to go, or should you wait?
It's all strategy now, to get to the end
Big night for the winner, choose just one friend.

Paschal can't begin to conjecture what the clue is all about, which is just as well, since it has pretty much nothing to do with the forthcoming challenge anyway. Even though Kathy is exhausted, she thinks the suspense over the challenge is fun. Or maybe it's because she knows what the challenge is (because she's all-knowing Kathy, after all) and enjoys that the others will have to endure said suspense.

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