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The contest is down to Pat, Diana, and Becky, who will be known hereafter as Ykceb. Because if it's good enough for her daughter, it should be good enough for her. Ykceb looks perplexed as she contemplates the game board; she and Neleh gesticulate at each other, impressing Peachy, who exclaims, "Mother, daughter talking with hands!" I think they're just playing air pattycakes, but Peachy hasn't caught on to that. It doesn't matter in the end, though, because Ykceb is the next player knocked out of the competition. Neleh cries as she walks over to Ykceb. They hug and whisper into each others' ears about how great and wonderful and sweet and bubbly and naïve and adorable they both are. Neleh gives her mother a piece of dirty-looking fabric, then Ykceb -- finally, freakishly -- heads off, taking her stupid flowers and her even stupider shorty coveralls with her. Neleh gets in one last yell: she wants her mother to "take all [her] love," because Neleh loves her so much. Good thing someone does.

So we're down to the finals between Pat and Diana, and Peachy ominously points out that "it's only a matter of time." Meanwhile, Sean is hugging Neleh to one shoulder, and Vecepia to the other. Both Pat and Diana have four uncovered squares surrounding them, and as Peachy says, "It can't get any closer than this." Finally, Pat and Diana are each standing on a lone yellow tile, and no one reacts, I suppose, because no one is quite sure who won yet. Peachy points out that since it's Diana's turn, and she has no tile to step on, Pat wins. Diana apologizes to Robert; she's proud of him and wants him to "bring it on home." If she just waits a few hours, she can bring it on home with him. Robert tears up and then breaks down completely. Meanwhile, Kathy gallops out to Patrick and then jumps into the air and straddles him while screeching, "You did such a good job, man!" Peachy reveals the reward: Pat and Kathy will "hang out together" at the Soliantu camp. He turns to the others and says, "Welcome your new tribe member, Soliantu." I hope that Pat at least knew this was coming, but he looks kind of dumbfounded. The others cheer, and then Pat goes around and hugs them all. Kathy is so very happy. Pat, most likely, is not.

As the S6+1 walk back to camp, the serene sounds of peaceful chanting and the ocean's hum are corrupted by Kathy's overbearing cackle. Then, a teensy scuttling crab gets washed away in the surf. Poor teensy, washed-away, scuttling crab. Kathy enters her manic phase, rambling that she's glad Pat's there, and now she can make it to the end, and it's all "real," making jazz hands throughout. In a confessional, Kathy says she feels the "love coming out of [her] heart," which prompted me to think of the other body parts through which Kathy's love would issue forth, and I'm sure Peter Pandit would make a large contribution to that conversation. As they continue walking, Kathy shrieks because Pat is "so casual." She tells him, "We don't have any rap music out here, baby!" Sean and Vecepia, meanwhile, lament over the things they forgot to ask or tell their loved ones, and Neleh thinks it was the most incredible experience "ever, ever, ever."

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