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Now we return to camp, where the tribe sits around the fire and takes turns complimenting Pat. Kathy raves that he "looked so good up on that game board," which is just a bizarre thing of which to be proud. Paschal wants to know what Pat's favorite food is, and Pat says he likes cheeseburgers. Neleh loves cheeseburgers, but then Neleh loves dirt, potato eyes, and monkey feces. Then Paschal wants to know his favorite dessert, and Pat answers that it's "tumbleweed." In a more emotive moment than any he's shown thus far in the episode, he enthusiastically describes a dessert comprised of strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and coconut. The S6 immediately start yelling and teasing him about the coconut, and Rob explains that Patrick just ruined the whole thing. He covers his face and asks, "What's your second favorite dessert?" Hee.

The morning of Day 32 finds Kathy and Patrick spooning. A discarded coconut husk looks on in dismay and then tries desperately to roll away. Patrick complains in a confessional that he slept badly because he was uncomfortable. Well, spooning with one's mother can do that. He's glad he'll have a bed to sleep in tonight. Kathy calls him "Pat-i-o," which probably doesn't embarrass him as much as it should, since his hands, at least, are clean. Kathy asks whether he really has to go home. He responds that he'd love to stay, but then corrects himself, "Actually no, I'm not interested in stayin' for another twenty-four hours." Kathy is confused that he doesn't like it there, because what teenager wouldn't love any and every opportunity to spoon or be spooned by a parent?

Now the drone of Peachy's, "boat" interrupts the peaceful scenery of Soliantu. Patrick scratches himself while Kathy cries because it's "weird" and "odd" that he "came and [he's] goin'." Pat hugs everyone goodbye, and they seem really fond of him. Or else they're happy to see him leave, because maybe Kathy will stop shrieking for ten full seconds once he's gone. Vecepia calls him a "great kid" and advises him to "be blessed." Kathy walks Pat to the boat, their arms around each other. Kathy thanks Pat for "stopping by," and then honks hysterically. Meanwhile, Vecepia grumbles to the others that it's a "nice taste of the life we left behind," and Paschal points out that it's also the life they're getting ready to see again. Kathy cries because her son is leaving, and then she cries some more because she doesn't know why she's crying. Pat tells Kathy to "be [her]self," though I'm sure the other members of the tribe are just wishing she'd be someone else. As the boat scoots off, Kathy yells, "Aw, you look so good!" And then she repeats, "You look really good." He yells, "You too," and it's probably the compliment she's been waiting for the whole time. Her last words to him are "Peace, baby, I love ya!" before Peachy motors up the boat and Kathy watches it tool away. In a confessional, Kathy tells us that she doesn't want to be depressed out there, so she's just going to come back into the game and finish it out. She says that her motto to Pat was always "finish what you started," so that's going to be her motto, too. She tells us that it's "very peculiar" in the Marquesas, and "stupid." She then tells us that Pat perceived the Survivor experience as "crazy," and she says she agrees with him. Still, she assures us, "I'll finish it."

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