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They're Back, and They Can't Get a Word In! Whew-Hoo!

Rosie bounces back to Sean; she says that his funniest moment on the island was when he was riding the horse and whispered the word "balls" like it was a curse word. Rosie thinks it was like when parents lower their voices to say, "Grandma has cancer." The clip airs, and Sean "ma ba --"s his way through it. Rosie hates to ask, but insists that all of America is wondering: "How're your balls?" For the record, I've never wondered once. Sean responds, "Thank God I've got a girlfriend," and I don't know if that means his girlfriend has relieved the pain somehow, or that if he didn't already have one, he'd never get one now. If the latter is the case, Sean should be more concerned about some of the less-than-politically correct comments he and Rob made about the women in their tribe in the beginning of the season.

Now it's time for Rosie to reveal that the entire 2000-person audience has won these "amazing tube tops/headbands/whatever they are!" and I love that after all of CBS's plugging of the "buffs," Rosie can't manage to call them that. The crowd cheers because there's a $100 dollar bill in each of their buffs. As we go to commercial, we learn that Neleh's father is as big a half-wit as Neleh is: he added an extra room to his house just so people could gather to watch the reunion special.

We're back, and it's time for a refresher course. Rosie reminds us that we're live from New York with the cast of Survivor. She reiterates, for those of us who are still in denial, that Vecepia won and Neleh is the runner-up. Hey! The Moppet's actually getting a turn! Rosie asks what's up with the teddy bear he's toting around; he explains that Jimmy was his luxury item and was in the Marquesas as long as The Moppet was, and thus deserves to share The Moppet's spot on this show. I wonder if The Moppet would have so willingly shared the spotlight if he knew this was all the time he was getting. We see a horrible picture of The Moppet and Jimmy on the island. Then The Moppet explains that he was surprised when Rob Mariano told him he'd be voted out. He reminds us that Rob approached him eighteen hours before Tribal Council with the option to form an alliance with Rob, Sean, and Vecepia, which The Moppet didn't accept. People laugh and the Moppet says, "No offense!" because he thinks they're laughing at the harshness of his comment. As opposed to his stupidity for refusing the offer. Rosie makes the point with, "Which you didn't want to do...oops." The Moppet insists that knowing about his upcoming exit allowed him to spend his last days on the island in a different way. He says he made sure to go to the waterfall, climb up a coconut tree, and take all the food for himself. He and Rosie agree that he did the "things that really matter." But Rosie quickly tires of talking about The Moppet; it's time to talk about Rosie! She says she called him the "Blue Lagoon guy" and "little Mr. Chris Atkins" for the first few weeks. She also says something about putting him in a loincloth, but yuck. The Moppet makes a case for getting on the "Best of" show with, "I'd go back!" but Rosie doesn't have time for losers and turns back to Vecepia.

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