Marquesas Reunion

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They're Back, and They Can't Get a Word In! Whew-Hoo!

Rosie pats Neleh on the back for being the youngest person out there, and for handling the resulting notoriety, fame, and "maneuvering" so skillfully. Rosie insists that it's hard enough for a forty-year-old to adapt in such a challenging situation, but for a twenty-one-year-old "kid," Neleh did "all right." They high-five. Because Neleh has FIVE fingers!

Rosie turns to Kathy, but before she can say anything, Kathy laments, "Babe, I tried!" Rosie freaks, "I thought it would be you!" and the whole crowd goes wild because somehow, inexplicably, Kathy managed to win us all over; it totally should have been Kathy who won. Kathy's hair is all razor-cut and shaggy -- she looks great and svelte and not so crazy-eyed at all. Peter Pandit's taken up the slack on that front, though. Rosie insists that Kathy was the hometown favorite, and that everyone thought she would win. Rosie screams, "And you lost 'cause you didn't want to show your boob!" Rosie lays into Neleh for acting so nice and offering a helpful warning. She then starts yelling, "You psyched her out! You psyched her out!" She's kind of joking, but she's kind of not. Kathy handles the situation gracefully and absolves Neleh of blame. She says that Rosie knows what it's like to be sitting on the beach or in a bar wearing a strapless dress when someone says, "Honey, check it out, I think it's exposed." Apparently, only gay men notice and point out errant breasts, because Kathy affects a fey accent during this discussion. Also, I don't really think Rosie knows what it's like to be wearing a strapless dress anywhere. Kathy explains that looking down was her first instinct, and Rosie screeches that Kathy wasn't just sitting in a bar; she was holding on for a million dollars. Kathy responds that all of the Central Park crowd was watching her (and on a big screen, no less), and then Rosie returns to busting on Neleh, saying she might as well have said, "Look out! There's a snake!" to make Kathy lose her balance. Rosie yells at Kathy for falling for Neleh's ruse, and Kathy insists again that there were too many people looking at her. ["Yeah, as if CBS would ever show footage of Kathy's naked boob. Although, actually, they have already done that on another show this season." -- Wing Chun] Neleh and Kathy hug; since neither of them won a million dollars; there's no hard feelings.

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