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They're Back, and They Can't Get a Word In! Whew-Hoo!

Rosie randomly points out that Hunter's eviction was the biggest surprise of the season. Rosie was "stunned," and thinks that the only person who was more surprised was Hunter. He admits that he was shocked and says, "Not only did I lose the game, I lost my voice!" Rosie heard that he had "a good night at the bar last night," and Hunter pumps a fist in the air because drinking rocks! Rosie screams that he's here today because he's a Survivor. Hunter now explains that he recognized Rob's handwriting on the first vote against him, and he knew at that point that he'd be voted out. Rosie points out that Hunter is a "real Top Gun in real life," and this is accompanied by a close-up of puffy Rob, which was probably intended to air when his vote was mentioned, but the timing is off. Hunter and Rosie discuss Hunter's experiences "in the midst of the war," and we see a picture of Hunter hanging out on the wing of his plane. Rosie fawns, "He's like the real-life Tom Cruise," and one of the S16 -- most likely Gina -- says, "He is Tom Cruise!" And without the braces! Rosie mouths "Tommy" at the camera, and then Hunter (at Rosie's urging) brags about his 433 carrier landings. She congratulates him on representing himself so well, and Patricia horns in, "That's my boy!" Rosie says, "Mamma liked you too," but clearly Patricia is not one of Rosie's pets, so Rosie ignores Patricia after that. Rosie then turns to Gina and asks, "Now there was a little...a little romance goin' on?" Gina and Hunter agree that there was no romance at all, and Rosie says she'll get to the truth during the commercial. It'd be more interesting if she got to it now, but that's not happening. I suppose Rosie, of all people, might be sensitive to outing people's relationships on national television.

Rosie then reveals what she thinks was the best moment on the whole island. She points first to Kathy, then to John as she screeches, "You peein' on him!" Rosie says she thought she'd seen it all, but then John made his announcement and Kathy came running. As the clip airs, Rosie yells, "Look at you running to pee on him!" John may have had his hair cut by Kathy's razor-happy hairdresser, as well, and I like it on him, too. It's very shaggy, and chic. He's shaggy chic. Hee. Rosie says that the pee clip was the funniest thing she's ever seen, and insists that the facial expressions of the others were the best part. She says Paschal was walking by like, "They don't do this in Atlanta!" They don't freak dance in Atlanta either, thanks to him. Kathy points out that Paschal tried to pee on John, but "did not perform," then Rosie mocks Paschal's poor "bladder control" while Kathy pats Paschal's knee and says he had "a little anxiety out there." Rosie asks how they knew peeing would help the pain, and John cites two reasons for knowing this: the fact that ammonia from urine neutralizes the venom's sting, and that he read this in a book given to him before going on Survivor. I would say that qualifies as only one reason, but clearly John is pretending that he knew this information before reading it in his manual. ["I knew it from an episode of Friends five years ago." -- Wing Chun] John then explains that Paschal really did try to pee -- "he whipped it out and everything" -- but he couldn't. John says that's when he screamed, "Does anyone have to pee?" because he was frustrated about Paschal's thwarted attempt. John tells us that Kathy had "a really full bladder," and Kathy wants to know how John knew that. Um, because you peed a lot? John continues his story and says that the ammonia worked immediately, but Kathy kept peeing and peeing. He didn't know what the polite thing to do would be: "Put my hand out and let her just stand there and pee? Just stand there and get peed on?" Rosie thinks John has a potential new career as author of Peeing on Other People etiquette books. Rosie congratulates Kathy on her willingness to pee on John, and John on his willingness to be peed on by Kathy. Congratulations all around!

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