Marquesas Reunion

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They're Back, and They Can't Get a Word In! Whew-Hoo!

Rosie's attention span is about as long as Peter Pandit's turn on the island. She's bored with Rob, and announces out of nowhere that Kathy is the winner of the Most Improved award. We see a picture of Kathy at her most mop-headed and crazy-eyed, and then a picture of her now, running her hands through her delightfully shaggy hair. Rosie says that Kathy looked like a "murderer/Unabomber kind of person," but now she's "the cover of Vogue magazine." Not quite. But maybe Redbook. Rosie's son met Kathy before the show and insisted, "Mom, there's no way that's the same lady!" Kathy calls it "a Marquesan make-over by Mark Burnett." Rosie says it worked well for her, and then awards the Most Improved award (male) to Paschal. A picture of a grimacing, bearded Paschal clouds the screen, and he did clean up well. Paschal tells Rosie that his wife said he "had one foot in the grave, and one wasn't far behind it," and he felt that way, too. Rosie asked about his sickness before the penultimate Tribal Council. Paschal says that Zoe noticed him wobbling around. Zoe sits behind him and rubs his shoulders, which is the only proof in this whole episode we get that Zoe ever existed at all. Paschal tries to say that he didn't actually pass out, but the other members of the jury enthusiastically exclaim that he did, so he concedes, "I was out; I was out!" Paschal explains that he was dehydrated, so he went to the hospital and got fluids. Kathy jumps in to say that Paschal just stopped eating at one point, and Paschal says he just couldn't eat the same foods anymore. He says he thinks he speaks for the rest of the S16 when he says none of them would ever eat anything with coconut now, and from the back, Robert yells, "The 'C' word!" And if you like Robert and miss hearing his occasional funny comments, that's all you get, because Rosie doesn't like him. Nor does she like Peter Pandit, or Mamma, or Tammy, or Zoe; they don't even merit an introduction. Actually, the only people Rosie is interested in talking to are Paschal, Vecepia, Neleh, Kathy, and Sean. She has a little spare time at the end, so she lets The Moppet get a brief word in, too.

Rosie postures that Neleh lost because of the mint incident. Rosie asks what Neleh was thinking, and imitates her "oh my heck[ing]" through her description of the meal. As if any justification could possibly exist for such rude behavior, Neleh insists on explaining. She says that she and Paschal weren't allowed to smuggle food back to camp after their time on the luxury yacht because "it was a nice, sit-down dinner." On her way out, Neleh noticed she had some mints in her pockets and, wanting to share with the others, she popped them in her mouth to smuggle back. Why didn't she shove some up her ass while she was at it? I mean really, why didn't she just leave the damn mints where they were -- in her pocket? Neleh then points out that the cameras didn't show the other people begging for the details of the meal. But no one's buying any of it, so finally, Neleh admits that it was a terrible thing to do, and says she can't believe she did it. Rosie makes some joke (that bombs) about the cameramen pretending to offer the Survivors bites of their hamburgers.

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