Me And My Snake

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On Lying Down With Snakes

Not that it matters all that much, but Trish's exit speech over the credits is notably classy, non-bitter, and straightforward. She took her shot, she lost, they beat her, and she wishes everybody luck. It might be the best exit speech I've ever seen. A slow episode, though. Pretty accurately described as "Crab, crab, Osten sucks, pelican, pelican, Trish booted."

Next week: Rupert screams at Jon for voting for him, creating a controversy in which neither person is remotely worth rooting for. Andrew thinks Osten has thrown in the figurative towel, undoubtedly hitting a pelican with it. And there's this big, big twist, and if you want to read all about it, just go to the spoiler thread, because God knows, we've known about it pretty much all along.

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