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Intestine Your Limits
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Previously on Family [Crazy] Guy: Everyone got to see brief video snippets of family, and Shane came unglued. He did not win the opportunity to watch Boston Powers: International Son Of Mystery, however, so instead, he went back to camp and demanded that Cirie inspect his balls, which she did, and she told him that he was the equivalent of a diaper-rash-having baby. In the immunity challenge, most of Casaya decided to sit out like the wimps they are, and Terry walked off with the necklace again. While Terry and Sally tried a few moves to save her and get rid of Aras, there was never anything serious afoot, because it's not a season where much is ever afoot, and Sally predictably bit the dust.

Credits. Skulls, skulls, skulls. Nothing but skulls. Who knew we could ever be so jaded?

Day 25, Gitanos. Flies feed upon the flesh of the dead, or old food, or something. There is also a vulture. I sense some sort of very, very subtle foreshadowing involving dark developments, but it's awfully hard to say for sure. Terry picks through the fire ashes, and talks about Sally being voted out last night. He says that now it's just him, with the "huge target on [his] back" and all the other things he loves, because they make him important. He also tells us that the Casayans asked him whether there was anything wrong and whether he wanted to talk, and he "of course" has something wrong, but told them he didn't want to talk. Sensitive fighter pilot!

Chiclets and Shane share a low-five, and then they hug, talking about how great they've done and how far they've come. "We're still gonna be the first tribe to ever stick together," he says, conveniently forgetting -- most obviously -- about Koror, and Chapera, and...actually, what a lame thing to say. Terry, meanwhile, reminds us that he will have to win three out of four challenges from here forward in order to stay. As it turns out, Terry can use the idol all the way up to the F4 tribal council, meaning he can avoid being exposed to a vote all the way up until F3, which is such bullshit. I had always understood the idol to be good only until you were in the F4, at which point it would be no good, but I was totally wrong. And, to me, this means that they've made the idol far too powerful. It should not be a free ticket to F3; that's stupid. You should still be looking at a vote somewhere down the line that isn't affected by idol-holding, or it grants you way too big an advantage for what was, in this case, a matter of following some pretty fucking obvious clues. Terry didn't exactly perfect cold fusion to get to this point. He found a Y-shaped tree.

At any rate, Terry says that once he's in F3, he's "got it over everybody here." Of course, he'd still have to get at least two Casayans to vote for him, which varies tremendously in likelihood, depending on whom he's up against. It's not like this is the first season where it seems like the ending is going to be a choice between two evils, but if it's something like Terry and Aras, the egos involved will be adequate to sink a battleship.

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