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Cirie and Shane have a chat. She tells him that, in terms of the game, she's always been faithful to him and to Aras. She argues that it was very difficult for her to be forced not to take Shane with her. I'm not sure that's a winning argument, there. Cirie assures Shane that her "type of thing" with Chiclets is not like "what [she and Shane] have." This is what's known as the "I was thinking of you the whole time, baby" defense. Cirie interviews that Shane is "hurt" because he thought he "deserved the reward." I'm not sure his pride is hurt; I think his back is hurt because nobody rubbed it for him. Anyway, Shane tells Cirie that not being chosen made him wonder where they were as an alliance, and she assures him that they're "still good." He wants more: "On your children's lives, tell me we're going to the four." "We're going to the four, on my kids' lives," Cirie says. "I swear on my son's life, we're in the four," Shane says back to her. God. I have never seen a guy so determined to exploit his relationship with his child to win money in all my life. Now, Shane grabs Cirie and kisses her on the face, hard, not that she asked for that.

What is it with swearing on your children's lives? What is that?

Shane interviews that he's in an alliance to F4 with Cirie and Aras. He also claims that the entire thing was "absolutely calculated by [him] in order to get ahead of Cirie and Aras mentally. And it played exactly the way [he] wanted it to." Post hoc rationalizing at its best, y'all. What does he think that accomplished? Because all it did was make them pacify him. You don't find out what people really are going to do, or change what they're going to do, by demanding that they give you reassurance. Because if they're sincere, then you don't need reassurance, and if they're not sincere, then the reassurance doesn't mean anything. It's openly impossible for that to be a worthwhile way to deal with people. Still, Shane claims that he "control[s] that threesome, for sure."

Gitanos, Day 27. Now, we are in the sad segment where everyone pretends that they care that Bruce had to leave. Courtney is, at the moment, cleaning up Bruce's garden. And on its own, that's a nice enough thought. However, she has decided to arrange little rocks in it to spell out a message, which I think is not exactly the intent of a Zen garden. She tells us that she wants to spell out "Love Bruce." Cirie and Chiclets join her, and they heartily endorse her plan, now explained as one to write "Love You, Bruce" down the side. Chiclets is unintentionally hilarious when she points out that Bruce's mentality was "Go, go, go, go, go." Oh, irony. Chiclets also claims that she thought of Bruce as "a father figure." One she was planning to vote off, of course, but a father figure nevertheless. She claims to have "connected with him," not that we saw that. Oh, and it turns out it's actually "LUV U BRUCE." Even worse, and even more reminiscent of a bad yearbook inscription. (Not like there's any other kind.) Chiclets gravely interviews that she had a funny feeling last night that he wouldn't be there when they got back. Maybe it was the severe illness he had when they left. That could have been the tip-off, though I don't want to jump to conclusions. Cirie insists to Courtney that Bruce would adore the "LUV U" decoration. Which...I don't think so. I'm not sure that's a "warrior" kind of thing.

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