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Intestine Your Limits

The group watches as a boat approaches. Slowly, they realize that Terry is on the boat, but that Jeff is on the boat as well. The boat reaches the shore, and Terry and Jeff hop out. Jeff asks Aras what's going on, and Aras reasonably replies, "A lot." Jeff gathers up the group, and has them all take seats around their fire pit. He says he knows everybody wants to know what's going on. He recaps, for Terry's benefit, that Bruce had been having a lot of pain, and Bruce eventually asked to be checked by the medical staff and was taken to the hospital. And it's a good thing that he was, because it turned out that his entire system, including both colon and bladder, was totally blocked up. Bruce is going to be okay now, but -- and here's the key to why it's so close to the end of the episode and nothing is happening -- he's not going to be able to return to the game as a player. So Bruce is not in it, and they're down to F6. No immunity challenge, no tribal council. They hope Bruce will return to the next tribal council and sit on the jury, but they don't have a final word from the doctors. So the contestants have the afternoon off, and have nothing to do.

Music swells as Probst rather awkwardly clambers into the boat and is taken away. Terry calls Bruce "the master sensei," and says that nobody else could have tolerated as much pain as Bruce did: "He's a warrior."

Next week: Shane goes nuttier than he already is. And they're playing for something in Jeff's pocket. And...a fish? Maybe? A fish they can eat?

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