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Intestine Your Limits

Next: Who is the biggest poser? (Or "poseur," depending on your background, I think.) Courtney doesn't even know what a poser is, but it turns out that she's the biggest one, as Jeff delights in telling her. It turns out that she voted for Bruce, which is awesomely random. Not karate poses, Courtney! Aras votes for Courtney, Shane votes for himself, and Chiclets and Cirie both vote for him, too. Aras hits Chiclets.

Who is the moodiest? Shane is the answer, and Courtney and Aras got it right. Courtney hits Shane, and he says to her, "You're the only one that's hit me twice. Your life is changing." She tries to tell him that they're playing a game, but Shane is having none of it. Aras tells everybody that they should all stop letting the game divide them, blah dee blah. "This game is meant to splinter us," Aras says. "Rise above it." Terry throws in a deliciously snotty "Yeah, it's meant to splinter you guys!" That was fucking awesome. I don't love Terry, but damn, I loved that. Aras hits Chiclets, saying that he loves her but that he knows she can't get him back if he knocks her out.

Cirie, Courtney, and Aras all have two left; Shane has one. Next question: Who most easily succumbs to intimidation? Courtney changes her answer from herself to Bruce, and it turns out that she should have stuck with herself. Shane got it right, and he hits Courtney.

Who is the most annoying person? Everybody says Courtney, with the exception of Courtney, and the answer is...Courtney. Ow. She's starting to feel a little ganged-up on, you can tell. Aras knocks Courtney out. Shane hits Aras. Cirie has to put out either Aras or Shane, and she takes out Shane, whimpering that she promised Aras not to hit him. Over on the bench, Chiclets tries to get Shane to fucking chill out.

Cirie has two left, Aras has one. If she gets it right, she'll win. Who would never survive on his or her own? Cirie puts up herself, and Aras puts up Terry. Terry? Really? That seems like a throwing of the challenge, to me. Cirie is right that it was her, so she takes out Aras and gets the victory. She first has to send someone to Exile Island: "I can't send Casaya, Terry. Sorry." I did not enjoy that reasoning. Openly mentioning a pretend tribe that doesn't even exist anymore just is not dignified, Cirie.

Now, Cirie has to take two people with her to the spa. She first picks Aras, who she claims to have promised since the first day that she'd share a reward with. And now, Shane is begging, but Chiclets and Cirie apparently agreed that they'd take each other, so over Shane's insistence that they, too, had talked about this contingency, Cirie takes Chiclets with her. Shane furiously kicks the ground. "I'm sorry, Shane, I'm sorry," Cirie says. "You are sorry," he spits. Cirie says that she and Aras have this deal, and Shane says that Aras is not the issue: Chiclets is the issue. "I think that you made the wrong call," Shane tells Cirie. But the helicopter comes anyway, wrong call or not, and Cirie, Chiclets, and Aras leave for their trip to the lap of luxury. Bruce, Courtney, and Shane look very unhappy, as Jeff sends them back to camp. Shane, in particular, looks like he's already traveled most of the way to Psycho-Land, and it was pretty much just over the fence to begin with, of course.

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