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Bitter, Party of Penner
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It really bothers me that they didn't hyphenate million-dollar in the episode title. It's an adjectival phrase, so it should be hyphenated, right? Annoying.

Anyway, the finale opens, as usual, with a loooooong recap of the season thus far. Remember when Lisa only had one set of eyebrows? It covers the returning players, as well as the two famous people secretly planted on the cast. Then it rained for twenty-one days straight. Matsing went to the first four Tribal Councils and then the only remaining members, Malcolm and Denise, were split up. Tandang was the strongest tribe and went into the merge with numbers, and the reunited Malcolm and Denise made a final-four alliance with Skupin and Lisa. Denise and Malcolm were able to exploit the cracks in Tandang and stick around against all odds, and their final-four alliance became the actual final four. And now you're all caught up.

Dangrayne. Night 36. The final four return to camp and breathe a huge sigh of relief that Abi and her negativity are finally gone. Skupin and Denise actually do a little dance. Malcolm is not so happy; after Abi opined at Tribal Council that none of them could beat Malcolm and Malcolm would definitely win, Malcolm interviews that he has to do "damage control" to convince the others he's not that big of a threat.

Early the next morning (I guess, based on the dim light), Malcolm and Skupin find themselves alone in camp and confirm that they still have an alliance to go to the finals together. Skupin interviews that many people have said that Malcolm will win in a landslide if he makes it to the finals, but Skupin thinks he could beat him because he thinks he has a better story. Skupin plans to mull this over the next few days. Skupin clearly doesn't understand what motivates jurors. First, are they pissed at you for screwing them over? Then you won't get their vote, with a few exceptions. Second, would they feel okay saying that you beat them? Skupin flip-flopped a few times so there are a lot of people on the jury pissed at him; they aren't going to care about his inspirational returning player story.

As the sun rises, Denise retrieves Tree Mail. They are all confused because they didn't think there would be another Reward Challenge. Denise interviews that she's pretty sure she's on the bottom of the remaining four people, and she is scrambling to figure out how to stick around.

The four players report for the Reward Challenge. Probst explains that they will have to traverse an obstacle course, retrieving bags of puzzle pieces, and then assemble a puzzle to win. I'm a little tired of these challenges. Whatever happened to the maze with the big spider web in the middle done blindfolded? There haven't been nearly enough blindfolded challenges this season. Anyway, the puzzle is in the shape of a dragon, and the winner will get some sort of advantage in the final immunity challenge. Probst cannot talk enough about how awesome this advantage is. Is it better than the advantage they gave Abi? It had better be.

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