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Bitter, Party of Penner

The challenge begins with a balance beam and then running over a ramp. The men take the lead first, but Denise unties her first bag in like a second and whips through the bamboo jungle or whatever it is lickety-split. Skupin and Malcolm are right behind her with Lisa bringing up the rear. They come to a bridge over a mud pit and Malcolm somehow face plants on the beam and has to start over. Denise and Skupin have a slight lead after getting their final bag of puzzles, but everyone starts working on the puzzle right around the same time. Skupin is just terrible at puzzles. Lisa is not that great at jigsaw puzzles; I think her strength lies in word/pattern puzzles. Malcolm and Denise are neck and neck throughout and Malcolm pulls it out in the end and wins reward. Well, that's exactly what the other three DIDN'T want to have happen. The actual advantage is sealed, and we won't find out what it is until the Immunity Challenge.

Everyone returns to camp, and three of them are dejected that Malcolm won an advantage. Lisa interviews that they didn't think they could beat him without an advantage, so now they're really screwed. Malcolm interviews that he has a final three deal with Lisa and Skupin, and he feels bad about betraying Denise, but their stories are too similar and he's not sure he can beat her in the finals. He's pretty sure he can beat Lisa and Skupin. Malcolm and Denise leave camp to get water. Denise tells Malcolm that he has a really good shot at winning immunity now, and she needs him to affirm that he's planning on taking her to the final three. Awkward pause. Awkward pause. Malcolm says something that indicates he hasn't really made a decision yet on who he'd want to go to the finals with. Denise interviews that Malcolm has had finals deals all along for six and four, so hearing him say he doesn't know what he's going to do about final three makes Denise feel pretty scared.

Denise goes to Lisa and says that she wants to know what Lisa and Skupin's finals thoughts are, because Malcolm is being wishy-washy. Man, if we have learned anything this season, it's that you should always take a finals deal when it's offered. Refusing to do so led to Penner leaving, and now it's causing Denise to split from Malcolm when I think otherwise, she would have remained loyal. Anyway, Lisa is thrilled that Denise might be willing to split from Malcolm, and they agree to vote out Malcolm if he doesn't win immunity. Lisa compares Malcolm to someone who would put his arm around you, stab you, then come visit you in the hospital and everyone would say, "Wasn't that nice of him to visit?" Heh. Lisa and Denise hug on it (remember when everyone said "hug it out"? I'm glad we're done with Entourage and Jeremy Piven now), but Lisa interviews that she didn't shake on it or give her word because she still needs to talk to Skupin.

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