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Bitter, Party of Penner

They report for the final Immunity Challenge. Probst takes the necklace from Malcolm, who is loath of give it up. For the challenge, each person has a cylinder that has been cut into several pieces. Each person has to balance a silver ball on the center piece. At time intervals, they will add pieces to the outside, making the cylinder longer and thus more difficult to balance. Malcolm reads his advantage out loud: he gets a second chance, so if he drops his ball, he gets to put it back on and keep going. That... doesn't seem like a huge advantage. I mean, it's hardly the same as Abi getting to jump to the third stage of the obstacle course or whatever. I think a bigger advantage would be getting to stay at the shortest length when everyone else has to move up or something.

The final four pick up their handles and start balancing. There's a little indentation in the center of the cylinder for the ball to rest in; I was glad they showed that because I was quite confused about how the ball stayed on the cylinder at all. Everyone makes it through the first round. In the second round, Malcolm gets a bad case of the yips and drops his ball. Everyone gets to take a break while he resets, and then they resume.

Here's the distracting thing about this challenge. Everyone holds the cylinder at waist height, so when the camera zooms in on the ball, you can see everyone's belly in the background. And Malcolm's belly is... not so bad to look at. Unfortunately, Malcolm gets the shakes REALLY bad, recovers a few times, but eventually drops the ball for the second time and he's out. And pissed. A few minutes later, Denise drops her ball so she's out too.

Skupin and Lisa move on to round three. They both make it all the way to the end of that round, and now their cylinder has three pieces on each side of the center piece, plus the handles. After a few minutes, Lisa loses it and Skupin wins immunity. Lisa, ever the gamer, hugs him and says, "We made it together." Probst tells them that he'll see them at Tribal Council and they head back to camp.

Back at camp, Malcolm talks about how his hands always shake so he knew he didn't have a shot at that challenge even if he got ten reboots. Malcolm goes for a walk on the beach and Lisa and Skupin talk about how Skupin pulled it out when he needed it. Skupin interviews that he can't believe he's going to make it to the end, and that everyone said Malcolm was unbeatable and Skupin beat him. I think it's a great accomplishment; I also think Skupin's lucky that it was that type of challenge. I don't even know if Skupin would have won had it been a more traditional endurance challenge. Skupin concludes that now he has to figure out the best final three strategy.

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