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Bitter, Party of Penner

RC and her annoying giggle. She says that she identified Lisa day one as a huge threat, and she's proud that she made it. Ugh, once you notice RC's giggle, you can't ignore it and it's AWFUL. She asks Skupin if there's something he should have told her on day nineteen, and Penner insists that he thought Penner was going home and that's how he voted. That's when Penner played his Hidden Immunity Idol.

Ooh, boy. Malcolm. He says that he didn't have questions until he heard the opening statements and realized that Lisa actually played the game. It's hard to remember that the people on the island don't see all the confessionals and interviews that we do. Malcolm didn't see all the times that Lisa went to Skupin and gently got him to play her game. He didn't see all the times she told the cameras what her strategy was. From his point of view, she was an emotional mess who kind of floated along and didn't piss anyone off enough to get voted out. It's also probably a bit of an age/gender thing -- he didn't think the nice older Christian lady had it in her. AND, he doesn't know that she's semi-famous.

Anyway, all this to say that Malcolm seriously underestimated Lisa, but it's easy to see why when you think about the game he saw versus the game we saw. Malcolm addresses Denise and she nods at him and he tells her not to nod, and that she's been appeasing everyone from day one, and he wants to hear why she deserves the win. Hasn't she already explained this twice? I guess he wants her to say it in a mean way? I know from reading post-game interviews that Malcolm actually wanted Denise to win, and this was his attempt to get her to fight for it and show some fire, but it comes off as kind of mean and bitter; I'm sure there was a little emotion there from so recently being voted out. Denise says that she listened and observed, and it's part of being a therapist, but she was playing strategy every step of the way, and it's why she's sitting there and Malcolm is on the jury. Ouch. But also, awesome. Malcolm wants her to say more, and Denise just repeats that her strategy got her there. Does he want specifics? I don't understand what else she can say that hasn't already been said.

Jeff Kent. He looks exactly the same as he did during the game. Jeff Kent says that everyone is a little bitter but he can handle it. He brings up the old aphorism about how some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, and some people wonder what the hell just happened, and he wants to know which one Skupin is. Skupin says that he made things happen because he was often on the chopping block and had to save his own skin. Jeff Kent wants to know how Lisa didn't float in the middle like Denise, and Lisa says that she never did, and brings up the time she tried to blindside Malcolm. Jeff Kent thinks that was a float because when it didn't work, Lisa just went along with everyone else's plan, but Lisa reminds him that she was the one sitting at Tribal Council telling her tribe to go with Plan B. It's true that Lisa was a big part of forming strategy for her alliances, but she did it in a way that seemed like she wasn't. It helped her stay around but it's not helping her make her case in the finals.

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