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The Jaburu flag looks very downtrodden on Day 18. The tribe members sit around looking pensive, as Shawna opens up a discussion. Deena jumps in to make a "completely selfish statement": she insists that she's been honest from the beginning and that she doesn't want to go home. Shawna agrees -- and at first I think she's going to say that she doesn't want to go either -- but she surprises me by saying she doesn't want either of the other girls to go before she does. She doesn't want to leave but adds, "I'm on for the girls' side." Alex insists that Shawna's been a big part of the tribe by staying. In short, he calls her "awesome" for succeeding in not being voted off before the switch. Still, Shawna is flattered and warbles that she feels like crying. Alex says the reality is that either he or Matt will be voted off. He apologizes to Matt, and says that his vote is for Matt just because Alex doesn't want to vote off any of the girls. By "any of the girls," he clearly means "Shawna." Matthew reveals that he'll trade votes with Alex. In an interview, Jenna tells us that she doesn't know what to do because she's close to Shawna and doesn't want to vote for her. She adds, "I like her company. And between her and Matt, I'd like her company more than Matt's company." Shawna joins Alex in saying that, although she doesn't want to, she'll vote for Matt. She refuses to get rid of Alex because he helped her through a difficult time. Rob tells us in an interview that he expected Shawna to tell the tribe to vote her out, but now Matthew has two of the six votes against him and it could go either way. Until recently, Rob was excited to unload Matt, but he tells us that now, "[he's] been putting a lot of energy into talking to this guy. Which is absolutely exhausting." Hee. He complains that just as he's convinced Matt to join his side, the rest of the tribe is going to vote him out. We rejoin the discussion as Rob whines that it sucks that all the people he wants to vote out are on the other tribe.

It's nighttime, and the sloth is still slowly climbing its tree. Jaburu arrives at Tribal Council, where Peachy immediately picks up a "weird vibe." He asks if they're sad, but no one answers. Peachy insists that they have a look he's never seen before, and asks Shawna what's going on. Shawna responds that no one wants to be at Tribal Council; they were "jazzed" about the chemistry of their tribe, so having to vote someone off is a "total bummer."

Peachy asks Alex if there's anyone on the tribe he wishes he'd met back home because the Survivor experience makes pursuing a relationship strange. Alex says he'd "be all about" asking out Shawna, and Shawna feigns flattered surprise.

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