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The unusually sweaty Jaburu tribe awaits Peachy's tallying. Shawna receives the first vote, followed by a vote for Matthew, followed by a vote for Shawna, followed by a vote for Matthew. How do those votes always come out so even? Peachy explains that the score is now tied, in case the viewing audience can't count to two. The next two votes are for Shawna, the sixth person vote out of the Amazon. As Shawna gathers up her stuff, Jenna covers up her face as if she's surprised, even though we later learn that she voted for Shawna. So Shawna heads home toting her incongruous soccer ball and machete, while Peachy voice-overs that it's "certainly a roller coaster of highs and lows," including the evening's decision. He warns the tribe members to "keep [their] heads," because a lot more is coming.

Next week on Survivor, the tribes learn the secret of the locked box. They also learn HeiDDi's secret: that she's wearing a giant skin suit.

As the credits roll, we see that Deena, Jenna, Matthew, and Rob voted for Shawna, while Alex and Shawna voted for Matt. Shawna tells us that she's been through so much during the game and "never had a bigger crash course in life." She insists that it's the beginning of an "absolutely new me," and let's hope that "new" also constitutes "improved." Shawna wraps up by thanking the others for the "time of [her] life," clearly throwing her hat in the ring for the part of soccer-playing ingénue in Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing II.

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