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Butch and Matthew are next to compete, and Butch once again looks completely out of control but still manages to outlast Matthew. Meanwhile, Christy gives us a quick brief preview of the white girl dance she'll perform in a few minutes.

The score is now 4-4, and we get a close-up of Jenna's and Christy's legs braced against the log in preparation for Peachy's start. This close-up reveals that Jenna shaves her legs, while Christy does not. Christy thumps her baggy chest at Jenna, whose legs are so scrawny they can barely support her standing weight, never mind running or attempting to balance on a rotating log. Both women are more wobbly than skillful, but Jenna follows HeiDDi's lead and jumps off when the going gets rough. Yippee! Tambaqui is proclaimed the winner, and HeiDDi tries to hug all the men while they try to get around her to help Christy out of the mud pit. Meanwhile, Matthew gives Jenna a quick hand to help her out of the water, and then retracts it as quickly as he can. Hee. Back at Tambaqui, Roger makes a hand gesture which I'm guessing is Christy-taught sign language for "fish" in keeping with the meaning of Tambaqui's name. Christy commences the full-on white-girl dance -- in slow motion, no less -- which isn't the least bit flattering, but is mildly cute in its sheer joy. ["As my sister noted: 'She dances like she's deaf.'" -- Wing Chun]

The disheartened Jaburus return to camp as an adorably cautious sloth makes its way up a tree. Alex tells the group that although the reward would have been nice, all that matters is immunity. He then asks, "Who's up for a bath?" and they all excitedly decide to "go get clean!" In an interview, Jenna tells us that she didn't care that they lost, because they "eat good here anyway." Coming from someone who appears not to eat ever, I guess "eat[ing] good" is relative. She tells us that they decided to "take a bath to celebrate."

We join the group in the muddy water, and Alex tells the others that "people pay a lot of money for this back in L.A." They frolic in the sludgy bath, and agree that it would be marketed in the U.S. as an "Amazon Mud Bath." Alex adds that he doesn't even think you could get that treatment in L.A., but maybe that's because no one would want it. The tribe members scrub each other down, and Matthew creepily bores a hole in Shawna's back with his dead, serial-killer eyes. Deena -- who remains separate from the others -- tells us in an interview that the activity involved a lot of "pecking and brushing and, uh, monkey grooming." But maybe there's just a little bitterness there, since no one wants to groom her monkey. Shawna's back must be really filthy because now Rob's scrubbing at it, too! Jenna, meanwhile, is forced to wash herself. In an interview, Alex tells us that the "super-highlight" of the bath was having Shawna scrub his back twice "with a loofah and a brush!" There's surely a fetish site devoted to that. Matthew skeevily compliments Jenna on her leopard-print bikini; she then tells us in an interview that if her bathing suit helps her go farther in the game, it's fine by her. She concludes, "I'm sure it was good eye candy for them." The girls on this season have such low self-esteem! In an interview, Shawna tells us that the women were in a position of power during the bathing, which she found "hilarious." She thinks guys always dream about "bathing in Amazonian rivers with three half-dressed women." To her credit, she doesn't completely discount Deena's presence as everyone else seems to. Matthew oozes over to Shawna with the claim that he "wouldn't mind a little scrub." He then exclaims, "Awesome!" except the "awe" is about five syllables long. In an interview Rob boasts that he just took a bath with "two hot chicks," one of whom was a swimsuit model. He adds, "I'd like to repeat. I just took a bath with a swimsuit model." The group wonders aloud why they waited so long to take a bath with each other. I mean -- it's been sixteen whole days, those prudes! I bathe with my new friends after half that time! Periodically throughout this bath, they appear to pluck leeches off each other. Sexy! Not to mention all the men are wearing Speedos. Where did they get these people? In an interview, Deena asks, "Was there something going on? You bet! Women over men...this is how they work them." She concludes by telling us that she's sitting back taking it all in because, she says, "I know where the players are playin' and I know where the players aren't playing."

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