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In Nate's interview, he runs down the salient points: Jonathan work hard! Brad maybe not loyal! He also manages to call Jonathan "Lord Knows What He's Thinkin' Knucklehead." Aw. "Knucklehead." It's so unfortunate that someone with a cute smile and a hot body and who says things like "knucklehead" is also given to flights of "nancy boy." Nate re-iterates his intention to lie to Brad and make him think he's safe. He manages not to fall over giggling about it this time. We see him approach Brad by the fire and tell him "we've" got the numbers advantage. They're both seemingly bewildered as to why Jonathan would jump ship, but Nate indicates that it's Jonathan who will go. Nate adds that Raro can stick together and then "chop [Aitu] up like poop!" Like...poop. You know how the saying goes! "Like a hot knife through feces!" Note to any and all attending Nate's upcoming Thanksgiving festivities: bring your own silverware. Or take the drumstick.

Later on, we see Candice has decided to take up sculpting as a way to keep herself occupied during downtime on the island. It looks like she's taken a giant slab of Adam and is slowly manipulating it into the shape of her choosing. Check it out: she tells him there wasn't a whole lot she could do about those times Aitu sent Adam to Exile Island, "because everybody else was jumping on the bandwagon." At this point, I figured this was just your standard issue "Don't blame me, baby, I always loved you" shmoopiness that I figure we're all going to be in for from these two for a long time. But Candice follows by saying the second the new Aitu formed, "Mister Man" (a.k.a. Jonathan) was "runnin' his mouth" about Adam, and that it was Jonathan's idea to send Adam into exile. It's glorious -- Adam goes from having this giant smile on his face, to being kind of confused as to who "Mister Man" is, to being totally crestfallen and pissed. You can almost see Jonathan's face in a thought bubble above Adam's face as it shatters and falls to the ground. Watching this the first time around, I think I said "brilliant" out loud. Not that it takes a whole lot to manipulate Adam, but damn. Now he's all tight-lipped and "that's fine..." But wait! There's more! She puffs up Adam's ego by saying she figured Jonathan felt threatened by him, "and he said that you were scared to go [to Exile], so they thought that it would, like, break you or something." Oh! He said you're scared, Adam! You gonna let him talk about you like that? Seriously, Candice just tried to start a fight in the parking lot between her boyfriend and some guy she hates. And Adam? Totally falls for it. As he tells it to the viewers at home, he hits all the barfight buzzwords: "running his mouth," "talkin' trash," "I think it's funny." He tells us that he'll let Jonathan continue to "kiss [Raro's collective] butt" until they vote him off. Back at Candice's Pottery Barn, Adam says he'd like to "go beat [Jonathan's] ass right now." See! Candice is totally that girl who gets her boyfriend into fights. I hate that girl. But I kind of love how easily she's able to bend Adam to her will. I hope Parvati's taking notes.

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