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Anyway, Jeff asks something about Candice and Jonathan being low on the totem pole -- doesn't matter what he asked, because Jenny answers something completely different, about how they have a numbers advantage over Aitu going into a merge, and they'll be able to "pick 'em off like zits." Jenny wants this to seem playful and goofy, but her face sure wasn't built for playful and silly, so it comes off like everything else she says: bitchy and mean. Probst sort of closes his eyes at the grody metaphor there, while the rest of the tribe laughs. "I been hangin' around Nate too long," Jenny says. Jenny's gonna get burned by Nate before too long, too. That's a guess. Then schoolmarm Jeff asks Candice if she's okay with all this "laughing" and "smiling" on a tribe that's at tribal council. Yeah, where's tortured glances and rending of garments? There's no having FUN at such a serious CEREMONY! Candice says she likes how Raro knows how to have a good time. Jeff mocks her for making a whole host of enemies just to join the "fun" tribe, and she says that fun was just "one of the reasons. I mean, they win when it counts!" So this week's immunity and reward challenges were...practice? Jeff asks Jonathan if he's worried about jumping to a tribe that didn't invite him. Jonathan tries to justify himself, saying he may have jumped "a second later" than Candice, but he still totally wants to be part of the group! He swears! He acknowledges it could be him going home tonight.

Jeff next wants Nate's take. Nate says that he was "all good" with the alliance of six he had before mutiny, which is a lie, of course, because he was most certainly not all good with Brad. But Candice and Jonathan "seem very nice," so he's "adapting." He's totally bald-face lying that Candice is part of his alliance now. He gives Candice props for being a competitor and says that the girls may be intimidated by her. Jonathan, however, may be "too much of a leader," and you don't go trying to LEAD the Raro tribe. They're perfectly content to let their puffed-out chests and bravado do that for them. Brad is asked about the vibe at camp, and he pretty honestly and even-handedly says that he has no problems with either Candice or Jonathan, but they may have trouble worming their way into a group of six. Of course, he has no earthly idea what's happening in his tribe at all, which could be clouding his judgment a bit.

Then, the $100,000 question for Brad: "Do you trust these people right now?" Brad answers simply, and quickly, "No." Rebecca's sideways glace says, "Really?" Jenny's sideways glance says, "Dumbass." Jeff actually says, "Wow. You don't trust this big happy family!" Jeff's really latched onto some "happy family" construct, but I'm not sure who on Raro presented it to him, if anyone. Brad sticks to his guns: he doesn't trust everyone on the tribe. He's not really bitter when he says this, and he's not looking to make a point. He just doesn't trust everyone. I'm sure that won't have any negative effect on his tribe members who were already questioning his loyalty. Again: things you think versus things you say.

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