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When Jeff gives them a five-second countdown to make their decision, Candice steps off at "three." Aitu manages to keep some stone faces at this news, and as Jeff makes it to "one," Jonathan hastily hops off his tribe's matt as well. Ozzy shakes his head to the cameras, all "White people, am I right?" Jeff directs Candice and Jonathan over to Raro, where they're greeted by a smiling Parvati and not much else. Jeff asks Aitu for their thoughts on this development, and Yul says he's "stunned." Yeah, you're not exactly hiding that emotion real well right now, Yul, so it's probably best you copped to it. "I thought we had a pretty good game plan, and I'm really surprised." Ozzy is not so surprised: "They don't have the backbone to stay with their tribe, then fine. I'm sure they're gonna get their fate sooner than later." I think maybe Ozzy's a little overexcited at being a real part of the tribe again, because this is the best thing that could have happened to him in this game.

The Reward Challenge itself involvs shoving two tribe members into a barrel and rolling them across an obstacle course, then attaching buoys to the barrel, floating it across a lagoon, picking up flags along the way, and then running said flags up a flagpole to victory. At some unspecified point, I'm assuming they're going to allow the barrel-dwellers to throw up after being rolled down the beach in a barrel. The reward? A relaxing getaway with coffee and pastries, as well as letters from home. The latter part gets Jenny and Sundra , in particular, a little misty-eyed. Because Raro now has an 8-4 advantage, they can only have four members participate. They send Adam and Nate out to roll a barrel full of Candice and Jenny; Aitu, not surprisingly, will have Yul and Ozzy roll Becky and Sundra.

Ready? Go! Oh my God, okay.First each tribe rolls the barrels down this steep wooden track before they even make it to the beach. I'm feeling like I'm gonna boot, and I'm just watching. When the teams get to the buoys, they have to stuff them inside the barrel with the girls while they make it past the obstacles on the beach. Because when you're feeling dizzy and nauseous, what you really need is less air. The upshot is that Yul and Ozzy are able to get their barrel to the water faster than Nate and Adam, all the while Jeff is doing his useless narrating about "two new tribes...who made the right move? Who made the wrong move?" Aitu also proves far quicker at getting their barrel to a point in the water where they can just swim with it, which ultimately becomes a lead that Raro can't overcome. It also appears that Raro got themselves caught in a current that took them even farther away from their target. Aitu wins, and it's not close at all.

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