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Aitu successfully uses the Yul Method and quickly grabs their third set of buoys. They're headed for the beach. Raro's getting frustrated. They drop the ball over their target, and it looks like they're lined up, but the ball takes a wicked curve in the water and misses. That is some unfortunate luck, right there. Aitu makes it to the beach and unwraps their word balls. The presence of the word "balls" in this competition has made it an absolute joy to recap, I don't mind telling you. The clue reads: "The most famous mutiny in history occurred aboard this ship." "The Black Pearl?" says Adam from the Raro bench. No, he doesn't. The answer is the "Bounty," and Aitu has it immediately. Immunity! Group hugs! Some more! From their boat, Parvati whines, "Are you kidding me?" The Raro bench looks mildly chagrined, but ultimately it's no skin off their asses since it's Jonathan or Brad going home anyway. Aitu takes immunity back to camp. Raro will take their bitter defeat to Tribal Council.

Harsh winds of losing menace Rarotonga beach as the tribe makes it back from the challenge. Candice gets some sympathy for her night spent on Exile Island. Jonathan says he's happy to have her back at camp, because it takes some pressure off of him as the only new guy. Candice, of course, isn't looking to take the pressure off Jonathan, and when he's out fishing (and looking like an actual crazy person in his machete-and-snorkel ensemble), Parvati asks her if she's as loyal to Jonathan as he says she is. Candice says that they're "not all," and Parvati says that's "good." Candice says Jonathan has been more loyal to Yul, and had only tried to form something up with her in the past few days. I certainly don't blame her for not trusting Jonathan, if that was indeed the case.

Inside the Raro hut, Nate and Adam pillow-talk to each other about strategy. Nate laughs a bit at how dumb Jonathan must be for thinking Raro's gonna keep him around. Adam floats the idea that stringing him along wouldn't be the worst idea: let Jonathan try and fish his way into Raro's hearts for awhile and boot him later on. Of course, he doesn't tell Nate the whole "backup plan" thing, but he does offer a decent strategy-based reason: after the merge, Jonathan won't be welcome back at the Aitu alliance, but Brad might be willing to jump back to his old Puka-mates Yul and Becky. But why didn't Brad mutiny when he had the chance, then? You know who could tell us more about that non-decision? Brad. You know who still hasn't been interviewed in this episode? Brad. Nate says that the fact that Brad didn't mutiny when he had the chance means Nate has "an ounce of faith in him." Adam ultimately doesn't care who goes as long as it's Jonathan or Brad.

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