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The Sweet Taste Of Crow

The S.S. Reap-And-Sow brings Burton and Jon back across the water to the shores of Camp Simple Majority. Darrah and Lill walk along the beach toward where the boat is coming in. "Now we three are stickin' together," Darrah says, "so don't go changin' your mind, okay? I'm not changin' mine." Lill assures her that, "hell or high water," she's with the women. "It's gonna turn out real good," Darrah says. "Yeah, I wish I could have that same feeling," Lill mutters. As they meet up with Burton and Jon, Lill tells them that she hopes they're hung over. There are very halfhearted hugs among the group, and then Burton explains in an interview that he asked them how everything went while he was gone. We see Darrah and Lill tell Jon and Burton that Sandra is pissed off about the prospect of being booted and won't even talk to them. "She hasn't tried to strategize?" Jon says. "No," they answer flatly. Burton presses that she must have at least suggested voting the guys off, but Darrah and Lill shrug and say that Sandra is so grouchy that she doesn't want anything to do with them. We cut to Sandra, pouting under her blanket. Burton chirps out a "How're you doin'?" to Sandra. She doesn't answer. He asks her what's wrong. She mutters miserably that she doesn't want to do any work if she's going to get tossed.

Burton doesn't entirely believe this story. "The girls seem to be putting up quite an act," he says, describing Lill and Darrah's recounting of the day as well as Sandra's pouting. Darrah and Lill wander off toward the water, and as Burton explains that he's sure he and Jon can crack the women's plan if they actually have one -- which, you know, they probably don't, since they're girls and all. The women aren't good liars, so if they have a plan, he'll figure it out. ["Again, at this point, I agreed: Lill and Darrah were laying their story on waaaaaay too thick." -- Wing Chun] He motions to Jon all Mission: Impossible-style to work on Sandra, and Burton himself walks off to work on Lill. By the water, Burton asks Lill what she's thinking at this point, and she says in frustration that she doesn't know. "I can't believe that you three didn't try to figure out a girl alliance to go against Jon and me," Burton says. Lill repeats that Sandra is ready to go and wasn't talking to them. She herself says that she's tired and beat down anyway.

Elsewhere, back at the shelter, Jon approaches the slumping Sandra. After all, Burton told him to.

Burton and Lill are still talking on the beach. She says she's almost ready to go herself -- she wants to go home to her husband and children and garden, because she's had it.

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