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The Sweet Taste Of Crow

The contestants all take their spots at the beginning of the course. "Survivors ready...go!" The challenge starts with non-incredibly non-dramatic canteen-filling, but fortunately it picks up a little after that. Darrah only has to put one canteen of water into the tube, as it turns out, because she's got such little hands and arms (especially right now) that she can reach far down into the tube to get the key out. Darrah, therefore, lets the first plank down, while everyone else goes back for more water. Basically, the way this goes is that everyone is fairly close throughout, except for Sandra, who falls somewhat behind, and Lill, who eventually has trouble with one of her planks, which gets stuck. In the end, though, Darrah's small hands and her good balance and agility seem to be the key factors in getting her to the end before everybody else, so the peppy mortician is taking the Supreme Cutlass for the third time in a row. Incidentally, there were those who thought it was unfair that Darrah's hands were smaller, so that she could reach down farther in the tube, but considering all the challenges they've done on this show where it's an advantage to be built like Bluto, it seems to me that it's entirely fair that there might be one now and then that favors smaller bodies. Jon and Burton seethe. Jeff explains that Darrah will be safe at the next tribal council, but that everybody else is on the block. Sandra smiles. She's pretty sure that's Burton's ass she hears crackling in the growing fire.

Commercials. Oh, look, another red-hot Elmo doll. Must be time to celebrate a highly sacred religious holiday again.

On Day 36 at Balboa, Jon explains that because Darrah won immunity, Lill will be going home: "I feel kind of bad about that, but Lill has just broken down physically and emotionally at this point." Jon notes that Lill hasn't been doing work around the camp as much as usual, so you can tell she's really bugged: "Her actions are telling me that I can't trust her right now." Jon goes over to talk to Lill, however, and she complains that she just finished debriefing Burton and has said all she has to say: "Please, you two stop playing tag team on me." Jon insists that he just wanted to know how she was doing. Later, Burton and Jon take a walk on the beach. Jon says that Lill is upset and grumpy, and that he thinks it's because the women have a deal going. Burton isn't so sure. "Lill is a basket case right now," he says. "She sleeps an hour a night. She's freaking out. She's a disaster." In an interview, Burton says that Lill is acting weird (for a change), not to mention developing a close relationship with Darrah. Still, the way it looks to him, they can get Sandra to vote with them to get rid of Lill, so it's no problem. No problem, baby, those chicks got nothin'!

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