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The Sweet Taste Of Crow

To this end, Burton has a chat with Sandra. Sandra opens with a grumpy remark about Darrah, to wit: "This is not good for business, this chick winning everything." Burton agrees. He tells Sandra that Lill told him the three women were ganging up on Jon and Burton. Ooooh, tricky. Not fooled by this bluff for a minute, Sandra plays it off, insisting that it never happened, and that Lill is making it up. Sandra insists she'd never go with Lill. Because, Lill? Yuck. Sandra says she doesn't buy Lill's nice act, and that she knows Lill and Darrah are whispering about her. Moreover, she says she doesn't even talk chocolate chips with Darrah anymore, so she doesn't like those women at all. "I wouldn't worry if I were you, because I'm going to write Lill's name down, big as shit," she says. Heh. Heh heh. Of all the bald-faced lying performances I've seen on this show, that was one of the best. ["Agreed. Now that's what I call lying!" -- Wing Chun] It totally fools Burton, too, because in an interview, he explains how great it is to work with Sandra, because she's so willing to stab people in the back and move on with people (like him and Jon) she doesn't like. "It's very cut and dried with Sandra," he says. You know, that amuses me so much that I could almost stand up and cheer. Give me an A! Never mind. That word takes way too long to spell.

Burton, Jon, Sandra, and Darrah sit around making dinner while Lill pouts in the hammock. Burton "confirms" that all four of them are on board to boot Lill. "That's the smartest thing for all of us to do," he says. They all assent, because of course, they take all their advice from Burton. Jon interviews: "All three girls are assed out. There's no 'they share a brain.' I don't think they even share a brain, or obviously, they would have figured out, 'Hey, we can get rid of these guys.' They're foolish. The girls in this game have done nothing to, uh, for women's rights or anything like that. They'd be better off, uh, scrubbing potatoes and mopping floors to get bills passed at this point. [Bills passed? Huh?] They've shown that they're nothing more than followers in this game. I think it's downright foolish that they didn't talk, but I felt and will continue to feel that I'm much smarter than they are in many ways. I guess it's kinda par for the course." Translation: "The only woman I'm not scared of is my mother."

The group walks to tribal council. Jeff introduces the jury -- Ryan-O, Rupert, Tijuana, and Christa. When all are settled, Jeff asks Darrah how she's holding up, and she says she's doing pretty well aside from the weight she's lost. Jeff points out that her diminishing mass helped her out at the immunity challenge, now that her arms are about as wide as Twix bars. She points out that although it helped in that situation, all the weight loss has sapped her of energy, and that just getting firewood almost finished her off. Sandra adds with a chuckle that they don't even talk, they're so tired. Jeff asks Jon whether he's impressed that three of the women are still around, and that one of them just grabbed her third consecutive immunity. Jon gives some crap speech about how he really respects them, blah blah blah, how Lill is the strongest person in the game, blah blah blah, as if Sandra or Darrah is ever going to believe that. Jeff asks Lill whether she ever expected to get this far, and she says she didn't. Now that she's here, she's casting around for the strength to go on. Jeff asks Jon how he feels about things, and he says that he hates tribal councils in general, because they make him nervous. Burton, on the other hand, is smiling smugly. "This has turned into 'Surprise!' tribal council every time," Jon says, and over in the jury box, Rupert makes a disgusted face at Jon's continuing antics. Jeff asks Burton whether he feels bad when he sends somebody home. Burton says that of course he feels bad -- sure, he feels bad! After all, he once was booted himself. He knows just how it feels. "I feel awful when people get blindsided," he says, and Sandra makes the most hilarious disgusted face I've seen in weeks. It's the Bad Shrimp Face. I do love her a little bit, even though she has a strong undercurrent of Rupert's sense of entitlement, which I don't appreciate. Burton explains that, sometimes, blindsiding people is the only way you can guarantee that it won't be reversed on you. Again, Darrah declines to give away her immunity, and we are ready to go.

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