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The Sweet Taste Of Crow

Thunder crashes. Lightning flashes. It's rainin' ominous portent! Hallelujah, it's rainin' ominous portent!

The next morning, rain drips off the shelter as Day 34 dawns. Sandra voices over that she knows she's vulnerable, so this is the point where she's going to get in motion and come up with a new plan. And what is the first phase of her new plan? Going all Wile E. Coyote on the camp before she goes. She plans to throw out all the things they need to live -- the water cans, the knives, the machetes, the spear, the nets...all the supplies. Not to dwell during this, the season of ethical lapses, but that's lame, petty, and frankly beneath the dignity of any adult worth her weight in carrots. This just reflects that stupid attitude that entirely too many of this season's contestants have displayed, which is that people who play the game and beat you at it somehow have done something wrong and deserve to be punished. It's just kind of boring to me. Shut your yap already and come up with a strategy to keep your ass in the game instead of whining about it, because nobody owes you jack. I actually suspect Sandra of having picked up this attitude of entitlement from Rupert, because it's eerily reminiscent of how he felt about himself -- that other people deserved punishment just for advancing themselves at his expense.

Burton, Lill, and Jon are hunting for mussels when Burton raises the issue of booting Darrah before Sandra, based on Darrah's being a bigger immunity threat. Lill shows some hesitation about this idea, given that Darrah was part of their alliance as of last night. In an interview, Lill gives the full-on whine about how when the notion of booting Darrah was raised, she thought, and I quote, "[snort] This is not right. I don't like this!" Lill further elaborates that Burton's refusal to reconfirm his alliance with her all the way to the final two last week makes her think that he just may be warming up to screw her as well. She continues, nevertheless, to assure Burton and Jon that she'll boot Darrah if that's what they want. "I started thinking, 'If they can screw her over, they can screw me over,'" she says, showing signs of an intellectual spark -- or at least warm mental embers -- at last. Yes, somewhere in the dark recesses of Lill's brain, a match has been lit. Will it burn itself out before she has a chance to make use of it? Only time will tell. May the faint smell of sulfur last a little while. Singeing Jon's behind would be a good start.

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