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The Sweet Taste Of Crow

Back at camp, a bunch of vultures are watching over the proceedings. Nice. Actual vultures. Sandra, Darrah, and Lill are lying under the shelter, and nervous Lill is muttering that she doesn't know what Jon and Burton are likely to be saying or plotting while they're on this reward. "You don't know what they've promised all of us," she points out. "They promised everyone something different," Sandra offers. Darrah interviews that when they returned from the challenge, Lill reported -- at last -- that she was nervous about continuing to trust Burton and Jon. Back under the shelter, Sandra emphatically states that Jon has screwed her twice already, and that she's not going to be screwed by him again. "I have always said that they were both snakes, and I have always said that they're good liars," Sandra interviews, emphasizing that Lill's concerns were certainly nothing new to her. Oh, and there's that metaphorical snake! Symbolic reptile alert! Now we see Lill break it to Darrah that Burton and Jon are, in fact, planning on voting Darrah out before Sandra. Lill explains how she tried to convince them that turning on Darrah was wrong, but that they weren't interested. Lill interviews that it "pissed her off that these two boys were so easy to break their alliance." You have to imagine the word "easy" in that sentence being uttered in a near-squeal and punched so hard it has trouble getting up again. Darrah tells Sandra and Lill that she thinks they should just gang up and get rid of Burton.

As this plan develops, however, Lill sees another issue. Basically, she sees herself coming in third in either scenario. In other words, she doesn't think that she has any better chance with the women than she does with Jon and Burton to make it past the final three, and she believes that the men will take her that far as well, so why should she flip? Well, Sandra explains patiently, Lill will have a much better chance in an immunity challenge against Sandra and Darrah than she would against Burton and Jon. True, that. ["Well, against Burton, anyway." -- Wing Chun] Sandra has to cover a little for the fact that she's already made the remark at tribal council (which was a mistake) that she wouldn't want to go up against Lill in a final-two scenario. From where Lill is sitting, this looks like Sandra isn't taking her to the final. Sandra points out, however, that Lill would get her vote for the million. Of course, that's sort of backwards from what Sandra should be saying, because that would argue in favor of going with the men and keeping Sandra for the jury. Lill doesn't entirely seem to put that together, however. Sandra interviews that she was trying to convince Lill that Sandra isn't any stronger than Lill is at challenges. Considering that Sandra has proved herself to be the clumsiest and least physically powerful person on the show, pretty much, she has a point. Darrah adds that while Burton will take Jon to the final two and Jon will take Burton, Lill doesn't really know what Darrah or Sandra might do. (Translation: Because Darrah is not stupid, she knows that Lill the Whiny Outcast would not, in fact, run away with a lot of jury votes.) Lill suggests that they wait and see what happens with immunity, and think about sending Burton home first. Darrah makes it crystal clear between the three of them: if Burton wins immunity, they'll vote out Jon, but if he doesn't, it's Burton all the way. They all agree.

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