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The Sweet Taste Of Crow

Given this nervousness, Burton suggests that in addition to trying to hang on to Lill, they approach Sandra -- "just as a backup." They'll promise Sandra a trip to the final three, and that should secure her as a vote against, presumably, Darrah. "She doesn't trust us at all," Jon laughs, "but you know what? I bet she wouldn't care. How many times have I dogged that girl out?" Yeah, I'm sure she doesn't care at all. That's Sandra for you -- easygoing and all about letting bygones be bygones. Burton explains in an interview: "Jon and I have been running the show for the last twenty days, nearly. And those three girls? I don't think they could come up with a decent strategy if they had to." Of course, in addition to the arrogance of this statement, it's patently stupid, because at this point, the "girls" don't need much of a strategy. When there are eight people left and a bunch of sub-alliances, you might need a strategy. Now, when two of the remaining five players have a blood oath to each other? Well, now it's just a matter of knowing that three is a bigger number than two, and that doesn't take much strategy. In the Special Envoy, Jon says to Burton, "We have played everything just about as perfectly as it can be played in this game." ["I'd also like to add that it seems to have slipped the mind of master strategist Burton that he's already gotten his ass voted out once, so maybe he's not quite the evil genius he thinks he is." -- Wing Chun] They smile. They knock fists. "A lot of people are about to get run over by a bus, but you and I are goooood," Burton says. Jon cackles. And somewhere, What Goes Around laces up its boots, puts on its coat, and heads for the door of its apartment, sighing, "Okay, I have to go Come Around. I'll be back later. Ciao."

Commercials. Paul Shaffer singing about a two-day sale may be a holiday commercial with a piano, but it is a sorry substitute for Rufus Wainwright singing "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?" That was my favorite holiday commercial ever, aside from the Hershey kiss handbells.

Morning of Day 35 comes to Balboa, and a monkey looks around curiously. "Where did those two boorish pricks go?" it wonders. "I hope they're not coming back." Lill is awake and rubbing her eyes. "I don't know why God's puttin' me through this." Totally. God is ruthless, sweeping you up in a tornado and depositing you on Survivor like this. Lill tells Sandra that she can't sleep because of the various kinds of pain she's in, and Sandra assures her that she can hang in for another four days. "You're going to have to take it for four days," Sandra chuckles, and Darrah adds, "We'll drag you along." Heh. This makes Lill smile, just slightly. In an interview, Lill explains that her arms and legs are in a lot of pain, and that she has a lot of numbness, as well. She hypothesizes that it might be menopause. It might, I suppose, although I would think the five or six hundred bug bites she has on her arms and legs might also be part of the explanation.

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