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The Sweet Taste Of Crow

We then see the women sitting at the edge of the shelter, where Sandra is chiding Lill for needlessly stressing and letting it all get to her. It's an interesting tableau -- Darrah is sitting while Sandra works on braiding her hair, and Lill, looking for a little comfort, holds one of Darrah's hands to her own forehead. Lill apparently hasn't been sleeping much, and says she thinks she just needs some decent rest. "Think positive," Darrah says reassuringly, trying to keep Pantsless Polly in the game until they can at least get rid of Burton. Sandra asks whether it's thinking about Burton that's making Lill so stressed out. Lill says she's worried that Burton will get immunity, Jon will go, and then Burton will "attack" in response to what he'll see as a betrayal. Of course, if they all stuck to their guns, it wouldn't matter what "attacking" Burton did, but...whatever. Later, as Lill hangs up her clothes to dry (again she's got no pants on, for God's sake), Sandra asks Darrah whether she thinks Lill is getting nervous. "She stresses out about every little thing," Darrah sighs in frustration. I think of all the obnoxious people on this island, Lill might be the hardest for me to take. Jon is just an idiot -- people like that are relatively easy to blow off, because they're not relevant to the universe and they're usually their own worst enemies anyway. It's needy drama queens that make you want to drive a knitting needle into your brain just so you can spend some time unconscious. Sandra says that she hopes the immunity challenge and everything else hurries up and happens immediately, because they don't need Lill to have an extra day to get screwed with by Burton. Sandra interviews that when Burton and Jon come back, she's going to continue to play out the same plan she always does when she gets screwed, which is to pout until Jon comes to her with his pathetic "Oh, we won't boot you as long as you vote for so-and-so," and then she'll tell him she's happy to do whatever she has to to save her skin. Heh, that was kind of funny.

As they await the return of the Fellas, Sandra tells Lill and Darrah that they're going to make a pact that whatever Jon or Burton says to Sandra, she'll come back and tell them so that they'll know what's going on. "The sooner we get rid of these jackasses, the better," she says to them. In an interview, Sandra says that she's just going to have to swallow her uncertainties, because if she keeps checking in with Lill after the Fellas return, Burton will immediately know that something's wrong, because Burton does that himself with his alliances -- keeps up with who's doing what and how everyone's feeling. Therefore, she concludes that this calls for a display of disconnectedness. I think it was exactly the right call, incidentally. "When I see them coming up on the beach, I'm just going to lay down," she tells Lill and Darrah, "and put on my game face." Like I said, I still think her camp-sabotage thing was total bullshit, but I did really gain some affection for Sandra in this episode.

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