My Mom Is Going To Kill Me!

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My Mom Is Going To Kill Me!

When the voting is all done, Jeff retrieves the votes and reads one for Ashley and one for Dave. But after that, it's all Ashley, which doesn't seem to surprise her. For me, honestly, it was really six of one and a half-dozen of the other. They're both jerks, and I hope they're both gone soon, and I'm glad it was one of them so I won't have to spend another whole episode watching them fight. As she leaves, Ashley turns to Dave and says in a way that suggests that wrestling has taught her well when it comes to rehearsing her moments of high drama, "I'll see you...soon." Dave throws her a shrug. Ashley is snuffed. Sherea wipes away a tear. Jeff sends the tribe back, and I hope Dave knows enough not to take that as any sort of endorsement of his behavior, since clearly, nobody is happy with him, either.

In her exit interview, Ashley says she was voted out because of a personal conflict with the leader, and she announces that if she could only use one word to describe Dave, she would choose "tool." I would not disagree.

Next week: a knee lands on a head. That doesn't look good. Dave decides it will be him against his whole tribe. Courtney overhears that she's in trouble.

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