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It's now windy Day 6 at Maraamu; Gina eats fruit because that's what she does best. As the others weave, Hunter agrees that it will rain, and then Vecepia tells us that she, Sarah, and Patricia have been working to make the palm fronds into a roof. Their goal was to finish before the rain because it's so unpredictable, but that's kind of a difficult goal then, isn't it? Hunter and Sean work together to raise the frond roof while Sarah squats and scowls in the background. She tells us in a confessional that she's been saying for two days that they should use fronds to make a "water groove," but for two days no one's been listening to her. Now, she claims, Hunter has proposed the same concept, and it's been welcomed by the tribe as a great idea. Sarah, apparently, has never heard of the concept "good leadership." The tribe works as Sarah continues to snit; she insists that they should build the roof from the bottom to the top because otherwise water will drip down. The tribe just ignores her. Gina tells us she's irritated with Sarah because she's "all talk and no action."

We then see Patricia ask what Hunter is doing inside the shelter, and Sarah snarks, "I don't know. I asked him; he's ignoring me for some reason." She says she's been trying to help for half an hour. Which is only just a little bit longer than Vecepia's exhausting fifteen-minute attempt to start a fire last week. Patricia and Gina just look away from Sarah's complaint. Gina continues in her confessional explaining that Sarah orders them around and keeps saying she told them everything three days ago. Sarah always says to "do this or do that," but then she never actually does anything herself. Back at the shelter, we see Sarah turn and snark, "Does anybody agree with me?" She keeps insisting that they use the palm fronds for the roof, which is obviously their plan anyway, but Patricia wants to use a "woven piece" first to fill in a big hole. Sarah thinks the fronds will be equally waterproof and then launches into a campaign of "we should have"s and "blah blah"s and is upset that they now have two "kinda waterproof sides" instead of one fully waterproof side. Sarah's scale of measurement, incidentally, is in terms of "tons" which is surely easy to quantify on a desert island. Hunter thinks Sarah's proposal will involve a lot of work. Then there's a pause to which Sarah responds, "Is no one in agreeance with this?" And no one is in agreeance for several reasons, one of which is that it's impossible to be in "agreeance" because "agreeance" is not a word. Hunter mutters because he's not one for conflict, and then Sarah finally figures it out and says she doesn't care -- she'll do it herself because she wants to be dry. Patricia shakes her head and grins, because better Sarah than her.

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