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Throw Momma from the Tribe

Vecepia votes for Patricia. She says Patricia's a great person and wishes her good luck, "but the mom thing is getting pretty old in the camp."

Hunter loves Sarah, but "the beach party's over." The tribe needs to work hard, and she's "being a distraction," so his vote is for her. And that's all we see.

Peachy returns from counting the votes and commences with his dramatic interpretation of a vote reading. The first vote is for Sarah, who nods her head. The second vote is for "MOMA," which speaks volumes about the sad state of modern art appreciation in this country. The third vote is for a blinking Sarah, and the fourth vote is for Patricia (which Peachy clarifies as being for "Mom" in case of any confusion). Another Sarah, another Patricia, and with one vote to go, it's a tie. And this week's ejectee is: Patricia! Sarah looks put out, but Patricia looks more so as her torch gets extinguished. She stomps off, and Hunter appears to be the only one who will look her in the eyes. Of course Hunter would look her in the eyes. Because Hunter. Is. A decent. Man. Peachy says, "I've heard a lot tonight," and declares Maraamu "a tribe divided." He's happy, though, because "a tribe divided" is one of his most favorite Survivor expressions, and he hasn't gotten to use it in a while.

Next week on Survivor, the S14 get their faces stuck on the moon! Sarah "apparently has to be too sensitive," and Vecepia pulls a Mary J. Blige. Also, John is awfully whiny.

Patricia knows why she was voted off, and she has no ill feelings She wants Maraamu to come together as a team and win. She then says she's proud of "each and every other one of" her former tribemates, which is hysterical, but not, I think, what she meant to say. She says she hopes the friendships she made will last a long time; she had a great time and she would do it again. And she loves us. As Mammas well should.

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