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Back at Maraamu, Rob whittles under a tree while Patricia hacks at something with a knife. Sean, meanwhile, hangs on the flagpoles. Patricia orders the tribe to get ready to go gather coconuts. I'm wondering how one "gets ready" to go gather coconuts, as opposed to just gathering the coconuts without the readying process, and what would happen if one embarked on coconut-gathering without the necessary preparation? Gina complains that they can't go gather coconuts yet because they don't have a stick. How did the Survivor casting people manage to find sixteen people with not a single creative resource between them? They're on a desert island and they're worried about finding a stick? Patricia responds that Rob will get the stick because "he's a great stick hunter." Now, that's a compliment, and I can just see him walking around bragging about being a "great stick hunter."

And thus begins the montage of Patricia working hard. Patricia struts around camp giving orders; Patricia knows that work needs to get done; Patricia doesn't mind telling people if they need to do more. Patricia stares at the little rock pile which may be their fire pit, and asks what Hunter thinks. He thinks they should add another layer of bigger, flatter rocks to the arrangement, and Patricia cuts him off and barks, "Isn't that what I just said?" Hunter chases after her laughing and insisting that he was just agreeing with her. Patricia walks around the camp yelling, "Come on! Come on!" at the other members of the tribe, and Sean rolls his eyes. In a confessional, Hunter tells us that Patricia has great ideas, but that she loves to nag him and the others. He concludes, "I don't think that we necessarily always need the nagging," but he says she likes to do that, and that it's okay because "she's a mom and she's always gonna be a mom." Millions of people don't talk to their own mothers because of nagging, though, so why accept it from a stranger? ["Hunter really has the gift of diplomacy, I'll give him that. He's good-natured even when the other tribe members can't hear him." -- Wing Chun] Sean tells us in a confessional, "She's doin' too much talkin' to me." It was endearing at first, but now he's annoyed. He says she walks around with the attitude, "Oh no, Mamma got to work! Mamma can't sit down!"

We then see a clip of Patricia telling the tribe where to put their tools. She orders them to listen to her, because she'll only tell them once. Rob tells her he already heard her spiel this morning, and she still points at the tree and barks, "Tool tree." While gesturing in an irritated manner, Rob insists that he already knows and adds, "I know everything needs to go back where you find it." Patricia wants to know where the knife is, then, and Rob appears to point it right out. Vecepia thinks Patricia's putting on a show, and I'm inclined to agree. Vecepia imitates Patricia stomping around camp and concludes, "That's just played out."

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