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Sucking At Puzzles

It is night, then morning, so we're on Day 20 at Ulong. Steph is cutting up food, and Bobby Jon is hacking up coconuts. He grunts, and Steph asks if he's okay. Bobby Jon assures her that he's fine -- he just sometimes likes to yell at stuff. Nothing to worry about! "My boyfriend does that, and I want to friggin' kill him," she says. "Really?" Bobby Jon asks. Hee. Steph gives this awesome interview in which she points out that she and Bobby Jon don't exactly have a ton in common, so it's not like they have all kinds of things to say to each other. And then Bobby Jon belches extravagantly, and Steph interviews that "Bobby Jon is totally turning into a caveman." She points out that while she knows she doesn't smell all that fresh herself, she does make an effort to scrub with sand as much as she can, so she doesn't think she's that rank. But Bobby Jon is apparently knocking down trees, he's so revolting. She further points out that he "eats everything," meaning that when they eat crabs, he just chomps down on them, shells and all, even when she tells him that you're supposed to eat the meat. Also not making any points with Steph? Bobby Jon's tendency to fling "snot rockets" around camp. Like, where they sleep. Like, indiscriminately. Yeah, that's not so great. I don't think that would charm me too thoroughly. If you did that near my bed, I might ask you to stop. She adds that Bobby Jon does generally apologize, but...still.

Steph tells us next that she doesn't have the easiest time with the fact that Koror is "living the life over there" while she and Bobby Jon are just trying to keep themselves in food and water and keep their fire going. She starts to get unsteady as she interviews that she figured this game would be exactly what she's cut out for, and she still thinks that it is, but she acknowledges that the way things are going, it's not easy. We watch as she and Bobby Jon try to get their outrigger into the water, and with just the two of them, they can barely move it. They finally get it in the water, which she explains "nearly killed" them. We then cut to an interview in which Steph is sitting in the water, and rather shockingly, she's tearing up. There's no crying in Stephenie! Heh. She says that they still have a very long way to go in the game, and that she's trying very hard to be strong, but thatit's not easy, being "out here with no one." She vows that she'll never give up hope, no matter how much it feels like a "dead end."

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