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Sucking At Puzzles

Gregg and Coby work on assembling their puzzle, and seem to get it almost right away. So now, they're doing the word search. And Bobby Jon and Steph are still trying to put the goddamn puzzle together. You know, I don't like getting all fairness-oriented about challenges, but it sort of sucks that two immunity challenges in a row came down to the ability to assemble puzzles. I don't know that I love puzzles so much that I would have put two back-to-back like this. Basically, Steph and Bobby Jon are ridiculously behind by the time they start searching for words, because by then, Coby and Gregg are trying to solve the three-word phrase. Steph peeks over at the Koror board doing the word search, which is apparently allowed this time, but when Jeff loudly calls her out for it, Coby covers it up -- an example of Jeff interfering in the challenge in a way I believe he totally should not, incidentally. Ulong keeps going, but Gregg and Coby spell out "Victory At Sea," and Koror wins immunity again. Again! Fucking puzzles. Jeff gives Koror back its thoroughly imprinted coconut monkey, and he tells Bobby Jon and Steph that they'll be coming to tribal council. But because there's no way they can vote, they'll face an individual immunity challenge, winner-take-all. And, you know, loser-go-home. They grab stuff and head back to camp.

Later, the jellyfish and other fish are frolicking as Koror returns to camp, all congratulating itself and stuff. Coby happily reports that his tribe has "won every single immunity." Which is true. "I never fathomed coming into this game I would be on a team this strong," he says. As the tribe sits around, Caryn says that she likes the fact that the tribe was sort of made up of old people, hairdressers, go-go dancers, heads in jars, and the like. And here they are. Totally dominant. Can't argue with that. Katie describes them in an interview as "kinda quirky-lookin'," and says she, too, finds their dominant stance hard to understand. All she's done is macramé, and look how far she's come! Back at camp, Coby brags that they "all made the jury," and that's actually what's so offensive. Caryn is on the jury! Bleh!

And then Coby talks about how much it meant to him to be part of the team, because he never was part of a team when he was younger, and he was terrorized by jocks and so forth. We watch Ian telling Coby admiringly how much Coby stepped up in physical challenges, and Coby tells the group as well that he was always left out and whatnot. He interviews some more that he was considered a sissy, and then he cries and says he quit school because people made fun of him. And believe me, it's not that I don't sympathize, but I'd be happier with him if it appeared that all that pain had made him a nicer person, which it kind of didn't. Anyway, he talks about how he refused to quit, blah blah blah.

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