Never Say Die

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Sabrina tells Christina that she and Tarzan and going to vote for Christina, but Christina isn't the target. Christina knows that they think Troy doesn't have the Idol, but she doesn't seem to realize that if Troy plays it she's going home -- at least if Kim's plan works out. I mean, it will be Kim, Chelsea, Alicia, Kat and maybe Christina voting for Troy and then Sabrina and Tarzan voting for Christina and Troy voting for whomever. Probably Chelsea. So if Troy did play the Idol, Christina would go home as the second-highest vote-getter. Sabrina doesn't think Christina figured out she was going home and Sabrina is obviously trying to set up her jury votes, because at least she can say, "Christina, I was the only one who told you what was going on." Christina just kind of blandly accepts what Sabrina is saying and doesn't even seem upset.

Later, Christina joins Kim, Kat and Alicia, who are watching clothes. Christina tells Kim about her conversation with Sabrina. Kim asks if Christina's okay with it and CHRISTINA SAYS THAT SHE IS. What? Why would she say it's okay? Does she really not understand that she's going home? I don't understand her gameplay AT ALL. Alicia interviews that she thinks Christina's IQ is a zero, if that's possible and that she treats Christina like her special ed students. It is so upsetting to me that Alicia is a teacher, much less a special ed teacher. She should be a garbage collector because she is a person made out of garbage. Teachers get a bad rap and Alicia isn't helping their case.

Christina and Troy have a chat out in the water. Christina says she's always scared and she's trying to figure out what's going on with the women. And then Christina talks for a while without actually saying anything. She says things like, "Kim won, so we can't vote for her." Christina then tells Troy that she'll vote for Chelsea and he could too. Troy just kind of chuckles because Christina obviously can't do basic math. I guess she's hoping that Troy will play an Idol and Chelsea will have two votes and so will she? But then doesn't everyone vote again, choosing between Christina and Chelsea? Because Christina will lose that vote, obviously. I don't know why I keep trying to figure out Christina's strategy when she obviously has none. Then Christina tells Troy that some of the women are voting for her and he's like, "Well, that's settled." Because if he can just convince one more person to vote for Christina, that would be four and then it's a tie.

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