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The women discuss their plan and Kim says that if everyone just sticks to the plan, they will be fine. She interviews that the plan is to give five votes to Troy and two to Christina, but the danger is if two people in their alliance flip, then Troy will be back in the game and then they're in trouble. For example, Tarzan tells Troy that he doesn't know yet how he's voting. And Troy is trying to convince Kat that voting her own way would be a method of demonstrating independence. Will they flip? Let's find out.

Tribal Council. Probst starts by pointing out that the season started with men versus women and it seems to be that way again, so Troy is probably in trouble since he didn't win immunity. Thanks, Captain Obvious. Probst asks Sabrina if there's been much talk about the pecking order in the women's alliance and Sabrina says that all of them haven't gotten together and talked about it, but it's been discussed. Probst asks Christina to interpret it and Christina says that she knows others have talked about it and no one is being clear about who's in the top five, four, or three. If no one's telling you, that's because you're not in it, dummy.

Chelsea says that the game started really quickly and people were thinking about top three and Christina counters that sometimes people flip flop or get voted out and things change. Troy likes to hear that because he says it means Christina is wobbly on her alliance. Probst asks what we're all wondering: "Christina, why are you here?" Christina says it's because she's lucky. Ugh, she is terrible at this game. Although I get why someone might want to take her to the finals. No one likes her. Who would vote for her? The jury looks annoyed and Alicia thinks it's funny because everyone at the Reward Challenge said Christina didn't deserve to be there. Probst gives Christina a lesson in strategy: this is the jury and none of them think she deserves to be there and Alicia adds that Christina doesn't seem to have a strategy. Christina claims that she DOES have a strategy but she doesn't talk about it. She also has numerous boyfriends in the Niagara Falls area.

Troy is still enjoying the evidence that Christina is on the bottom of the alliance and he adds that all of the women claim that they are all happy and trusting, but they're being naïve. I think it's smart of the women not to debate Troy at Tribal Council, but I would retort that if there were cracks in the alliance, the LAST person they would share that information with is Troy. Kim butters up a potential jury vote by saying that Troy is brilliant and good at getting into people's heads.

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