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Rodger is the first to approach Barramundi, and optimistically surmises that the camp has been spared. He actually says, "We're okay, girls," and Keith tells him not to jump to conclusions -- meaning about the camp, not about his being a girl. We see their faces as they finally see their camp. A sneaker lies on its side, and we're supposed to think it's tragic -- like the left-behind sneaker of a murder victim. Except in this case, there is no victim, and just a bunch of supposedly stranded people with multiple pairs of shoes. Rodger tells us that when he first "come [sic] down the bank," he thought everything was okay, but that, as he continued onward, it looked like "a small hurricane" had swept through the camp. Lamber says "ahhh maaah Gaaah" a few times, and then Elisabeth says "oh my Go,d" perhaps because she's tired of hearing Lamber saying it incorrectly. Rodger starts looking for the rice; the others join in and conclude that it's been washed away. He looks upset and says, "No supper." Elisabeth cries and tells us that, "despite all optimism and hope," the camp was completely washed out. Lamber says that it looks like a tornado went through there. Well, I think it looks like an earthquake. Or a tsunami. Or any other natural catastrophe it could possibly be compared to. Keith tells us that the water came through "like a flurry." Whatever that means. He then pronounces "especially" like "ex-pecially"; I'll bet he says "nu-cu-lar" instead of "nu-cle-ar" too. Tina tells us that she walked down the "heeyul" (translation: "hill"), and saw the devastation, which made her really mad, although she didn't know who to be mad at. How about Mark Burnett for making them move there? Just a thought. Elisabeth and Lamber look alarmed as they discuss the fact that they have no food and haven't eaten all day.

At Cowboy Camp, hokey music plays as we see Colby arrive with a big-ass grin on his face. Peachy is sitting there, all smug and peachy, while Colby ponies in looking like "he was born to ride." Colby tells us that he'd eat beef stew and hang out with cowboys at home, so it's a great reward. Peachy drinks a beer and asks Colby to assess his situation. Colby responds that he has both a leg up and a leg down, which makes for an interesting visual. He says he's physically advantaged, but politically disadvantaged because the others must resent his winning streak. Peachy, by the way, looks like he's been on the Survivor diet. Colby says that if he gets voted off at this point, he'll be happy for the meal. Peachy then tries to act all cool with his beer and announces, "Colby, a final cheer! I'm gonna down this. I'm gonna leave you." Chug! Chug! Chug! Colby tells us that he's aware he's taking the meal and opportunity away from someone else. A cowboy who looks like Mark Burnett strums a guitar. There's a cowgirl there, too. A blonde one. She was probably on standby in case a man won the challenge.

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