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Gag Me With a Spoon(ing)

Back at Cowboy Camp, Colby tells us that he dug right into the grub. He elaborates that the first plate he had "went right through [him]," and that he knew "there was gonna be trouble" as soon as the first few spoonfuls went in. We need to know this for purposes of plot advancement. Suddenly, Colby's sleeping peacefully, and absolutely no cowboys complain about his snoring. It's time for the poor Survivors/rich Survivor montage, and we cut to the others sleeping while their overlapping voice-overs tell us how difficult it is, and how we at home can't even imagine it, and blah blah. But neither can we at home imagine winning a million dollars, and no one's giving us a chance to do it, so I think we can call it even. The sound effects at first make it sound like they're all talking to each other at once, but really they're not. They are a perfect set of spoons, except one knife lies sprawled out at the end.

Morning breaks at Cowboy Camp. Colby, looking very skinny, chows down on the best peanut butter and jelly he's ever had. He tells us that he doesn't care if he has to stop and go to the bathroom four times between Cowboy Camp and Barramundi Camp. He says that he appreciates the opportunity to "eat and eat and eat," and he doesn't care how sick it makes him. We then see a nice big pot of beans for the full effect.

Close-ups of haggard-looking Survivors greet us as we return to Barramundi camp. Keith tells us that he will never have a more miserable night. He then clarifies that he hopes he never has a more miserable night. Elisabeth says that their first priority should be to make the next night more comfortable for themselves. Rodger tells us that he spent all night thinking about moving the shelter. Tina says, "There's no good place to hide here," and that it's very frustrating because if they go to the highpoint they can get struck by lightning, and if they stay on the beach they might be flooded again. ["That lightning thing was ridiculous. It's not like they're going to build a camp that's taller than, you know, all the trees. Please." -- Wing Chun] Colby ambles back into the camp dragging his canteen of water; he slows down as he approaches and sees the destruction. He tells us in a voice-over that returning to camp and seeing what the others had endured is the worst thing. He says that, although they tell each other not to feel guilty when they win a reward, it's an inevitability. As Cowboy approaches, the others wear dismal expressions. They do look a bit shocked -- like they're in a work camp or something. Except in very rare cases do residents of work camps have a one in six chance of winning a million bucks. (If you can't tell, I don't have much pity for these people.) Colby hugs the ladies, and Lamber starts crying. Tina says something about waiting for Colby to come and knowing that he was thinking about them while shoveling in facefuls of beans. Colby can't believe what happened. Rodger says, "Sickening, wasn't it?" Colby agrees that it is sickening. More sad chords. Colby tells us that they're all going through "the wringer" right now, and that's he's been the luckiest. He's worried about saving "his own butt," but he's more concerned with the question of how winning another challenge might affect the way he's viewed within the tribe.

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