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Officer Peachy stands at attention while S6 arrive at Tribal Council and take their seats. He says he's "bringing in the jury," but it sounds more like he says "bringing in the Jerri." Both are true, and in comes the increasingly peeved-looking jury. Peachy tells Barramundi that he wished them dry weather when they left last time, and that "obviously [his] rain dance didn't work out too well." Wouldn't a rain dance bring rain? Not that I don't believe Peachy wasn't wishing them rain, but his comment makes no sense. It's worth it, though, to picture Peachy doing a rain dance. Peachy says that, despite the approaching wet season, the tribe built their camp in "the mouth of a dry river bed." He wants to know whose idea it was; Rodger says that it was definitely not his idea, and that it was "mostly the females." This is not Rodger's most winning moment. He then says, of his desire to build on higher ground, "I sure do wish we had went [sic] with mine -- and then there was another one or two that felt like we should've went up on the hill too." Colby makes a strange face here. Maybe because he doesn't like being described as "another one or two." Elisabeth tells Peachy that every day gets "exponentially more challenging and difficult," and that she plays the game minute-to-minute compared to challenge-to-challenge or day-to-day. Peachy points out that Tina is playing the game in a political yet friendly way. She says that she'd rather spend the last couple of weeks with team players who get along with each other, and that that's always been her strategy. This doesn't really explain the putting down of Mad Dog. Peachy then asks Tina whether the six remaining competitors are the most deserving people; and the camera pans to Alicia preparing to wave her finger in someone's face. Tina skillfully navigates the question by saying that she wouldn't say the six are the most deserving, but that they are all, indeed, deserving. Peachy says that he'd "be remiss" if he didn't remind them that there are still four Ogakor members left, compared to two Kuchas. Because they need him to count for them. Peachy then calls on Rodger again, who says he thinks that one day the "Kucha tribe will be an extinct tribe."

Elisabeth looks sad and resigned and then heads off to vote in a jacket four Elisabeths could fit into. She votes for Lamber and says "it has to be done" and that it's "nothing personal." She says it's her toughest vote yet -- but she voted for her last week, too. Lamber is now Humpback Lamber. Rodger votes for Humpback Lamber and says she's a "sweet girl" and that it was a tough decision. Colby votes for Rodger and says, "Just, uh, stickin' with the battin' order." Humpback Lamber votes for Rodger and thanks him for the comfort he's brought into camp. She says it's been like "having a dad around," and that she'll miss him a lot. Keith votes, but we don't see for whom; he says that he/she is a tough competitor and is hard to beat at this stage of the game. All the S6 look wary as Peachy leaves to tally the votes.

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