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No, We're Never Gonna Survive, Unless We Get a Little Lazy

We're now at Maraamu on Day 8. Vecepia tells us that the situation totally sucks. She says the tribe now has a big "L," and they need a "W" badly. She also says that they need a fierce competitor to keep "pumping it into you," but I'm not sure how that's been helping them thus far. Vecepia says that having four "Ls" isn't a good thing, but they have to go on. Gina just doesn't even know what to do or say, and she can't figure out why they keep getting their butts kicked. Hunter thinks the situation "sucks big-time." He says that the others can't figure out the tribe's problem, and he doesn't have the heart to tell them that winning is an attitude that you carry with you every minute of every day. Is that hard news to break for some reason? Hunter continues explaining that you can't turn a winning attitude on and off an hour before a challenge. Sarah eats something big and crab-like that kind of looks like a sandwich. I know it isn't a sandwich, but if it looks like a sandwich, how bad can it be? Hunter voices over that Maraamu would win more challenges if they worked together to achieve things around camp, as we watch Gina struggle to hack open a coconut while Sean and Vecepia look on. She's having some obvious difficulties, but Sean just stands there watching and noting that she's "making progress." Hunter continues telling us in his confessional that "some individual personalities" aren't willing to work and don't take the game seriously. Through a mouthful of coconut, Sean suddenly yells, "We ain't get no rice!" And then he spits it all over the place; Hunter and Gina do not look amused, since most likely they're the ones who will have to clean up the mess he's just made. And change his diaper while they're at it.

Rotu checks their treemail -- a nut, on a string, that they crack open. The Moppet jokes, "Well, it was a very nice necklace." John pretends to cry over the broken necklace. Or maybe he got another nasty flesh wound from a coconut shard. In any case, the clue involves "tak[ing] turns at the helm," "guid[ing] your tribe through," "learn[ing] the ropes" and a "winding path." At Maraamu, they've received the clue as well, and Sean declares it "showtime!" Gina makes with the big pep talk and then unenthusiastically drones, "All we gotta say is, let's do it, Maraamu," while picking her teeth of remnant watermelon seeds.

We now see a scenic overview of two huge, maze-like game boards. Both tribes stand on mats which feature pictures of the puzzle. How much do you think a mat like that adds to this show's budget, and do the mats add in the least to the show's watchability? As he retrieves the idol from Rotu, Peachy says, "Boy, that immunity idol's found a permanent home, huh?" The Moppet says, "He's happy; he's happy." Peachy yells, "Give him back!" but as The Moppet hands the idol over, he says, "See you soon!" Peachy wants Maraamu's reaction to Rotu's cocky statement, and Sean says, "The humble shall be exalted." The members of Rotu snicker uncomfortably and count their blessings that they're not on that wacko's tribe. Maraamu agrees that they are "long due" for a win -- all exaltation of the humble aside. Peachy explains that the challenge, for immunity, is a "coconut maze race," which sounds like something Gilligan and Mary Ann would have come up with to determine who gets more time on the ham radio. Each tribe will attempt to roll three coconuts (one at a time) through a maze and into a hole using a system of pulleys that are raised and lowered to tilt the board. Five members will compete for each tribe: one caller, and four rope pullers. When a coconut goes in the hole, the tribes rotate clockwise so that a new caller is in place. The first tribe to get all three coconuts in the hole wins immunity. The game only requires five on each side, so Rotu sits out three: Tammy, John, and Robert; and Maraamu sits out Gina.

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