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No, We're Never Gonna Survive, Unless We Get a Little Lazy

We're now at the humungous Tribal Council; in another life, it was the entire set of Xena: Warrior Princess. Maraamu enters, torches lit, to the familiar Tribal Trill. Peachy sits down and, of course, grabs at the chance to mention yet again that this is the tribe's third straight Tribal Council after five consecutive losses. He asks whether the tribe is getting along, and Sarah says they "had it out" after the last vote, and they now have a clean slate. Peachy wants to know whether Hunter thinks Rotu is stronger or working together better than Maraamu is, and Hunter can't say because he isn't at Rotu's camp. He thinks that Rotu may work better as a team, and says that whatever happens in tonight's Tribal Council, the remaining five members of Maraamu will have to rebuild from the basics. Peachy asks whether Rob is surprised by the tribe's "inability" to win, and Rob insists that they're not unable to win, just unlucky so far. He says that the challenges have been close, and that they seem to be just one step behind. He thinks they need to work together to discover what it will take to reach the next level. Peachy wants to know whether attrition will wear Maraamu down until they have no chance at winning, and Vecepia agrees that continued losses will "weigh heavily on each individual." She thinks they need to look more deeply inside themselves if they want to win, and adds, "And my inner strength comes from the Lord, Jesus Christ." Before I can come down on her too much, she at least acknowledges that for others it may not be the good J.C., but instead Buddha or the night's stars. Whatever it may be, Vecepia says that they each need to find that "deep something" inside themselves and bring it out, and she is happy to share her Bible with those who have not yet found God and are thus dragging the tribe down the path to hell. Or else she just stops with the "find it and bring it out" part. Peachy asks whether Sean is shocked -- thinking back to the first day -- that they've been so unsuccessful as a tribe. Sean complains about being sick of losing; he says he's never lost so much in his entire life. He doesn't blame it on anyone in particular, but on a series of missteps and bad luck. He whines, "Me, personally, it's wearin' me down."

And so on to the vote, which is accompanied by Tribal Trill #2, but by no scuttling crabs. I don't know how the voting order is determined, but Rob is first this time. We don't see who he votes for; we also don't see who Vecepia votes for, but she appears to be grinning. Hunter votes for Sarah and apologizes; he doesn't think she's taking the game seriously enough, adding, "This vote may help me protect someone I think is valuable." By this, it seems like he means Rob, which is kind of ironic, as we will soon see. Sean licks his fingers and begins, "Look here, player." He goes on to say that Hunter was a team player "to a certain extent," but cites the "outwit" part of the game as a reason for voting out Hunter. He hopes to see Hunter "on the outside." We don't see how anyone else votes, but I don't think we need to, at this point, to know that the Hunter has become the Hunted.

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