No Pain, No Gain

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No, We're Never Gonna Survive, Unless We Get a Little Lazy

The first vote is for Hunter, who turns to look straight at Rob after hearing his name called. Rob looks away. The next two votes are for Sarah, and then a second goes to Hunter. Hunter still stares at Rob, and Rob still looks away. Don Corleone wouldn't look away from his sworn enemy. The third vote is also for Hunter, and Gina closes her eyes and looks down. Finally, the last vote proclaims Hunter the newest castoff castaway; he nods and wishes the tribe good luck, but he's clearly unhappy. As always, the tribe has spoken...but this time they've spoken gibberish. Hunter gives Maraamu a half-hearted thumbs-up and struts off toward an Alaskan cruise with his mother and a lifetime of superficially wonderful but oddly ineffective romances. Peachy tells the remaining members of the tribe that they're only nine days into a thirty-nine-day game, and that anything can happen next week. Got that? Anything. Next week.

Next time on Survivor, Gina "fights for her life" at Maraamu. Also, the S13 have the chance to take "fate into their own hands," and I hope John won't cut himself on it. And then, "the game takes a drastic turn" as Vecepia's Bible goes missing.

During the credits, we see that all members of Maraamu except Gina cast their votes for Hunter. He doesn't understand the logic of the vote, but does understand that he was "camping with a bunch of knuckleheads" and plans to tell them the same to their faces. He offers to phone the Red Cross so they can get airlifted out after they die of starvation and dehydration. He then wishes them all luck...with the tortuous dying?

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